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One month later…


The title of this post is a little misleading, as it hasn’t exactly been one month. But it’s close enough. I took pictures on Thursday, May 3, 2012, and then started my diet and exercise schedule on Sunday, May 6, 2012. Or you could be even more technical and say I started on Monday, May 7, as Sunday is my “cheat” day. On May 6 I did a walk workout, but as far as food was concerned I ate like it was “Dimanche Gras.”

However, it’s been 4 straight weeks of workouts and trying to eat better. I still need to work on the eating better, but I have made clear progress even if the scale hasn’t been so kind.

I haven’t missed a workout, and have felt an increase in stamina and strength. I really need to get some new weights or plates because for many of my exercises I have maxed out the weight on my barbell/dumbbells, and those exercises have become too easy. As I mentioned in my last post, my walks are getting longer in distance, shorter in time, and I’m adding more periods of jogging into the walks. I’m going to shake up my workouts a bit soon, although I’m going to keep the same schedule. I don’t want my body to get into “muscle memory” territory…although it HAS been nice to have finally mastered some of the moves I was doing. Especially the ones involving the stability ball. Yeah, those moves know what they are. I showed you!

Not gonna lie, I’m bummed about the scale not showing my progress too. This coming month I’m going to focus more on diet since I pretty much have the exercise handled. I’m pretty sure my main issue is still not eating enough throughout the day. I also forget to track (oops!) and when I do I discover at the end of the day that I’m missing x-number of calories, so I tend to cram those in as a post-dinner meal. But that also affects my sleep, and that just doesn’t make me feel good. So goal for June: GO BACK TO TRACKING EVERYTHING EVERYDAY TO MAKE SURE I’M EATING RIGHT.

But overall, I’m proud of what I HAVE accomplished. I debated posting these pictures, and finally decided to go for it. I’m not entirely happy with them…it’s not where I expected to be. But the progress is obvious, which keeps me motivated to keep pushing forward. (Pics under the cut to save your eyes and stomachs. XD)

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Day 99 – Weigh-in #14

Weekly Weigh InOkay, first of all, I saw I got off in my day count. Yesterday’s post (that I forgot to do) should have been 98, and the day before (the one I posted yesterday morning since my internet failed on me the night before) should have been 97, and so on. So I think I have my numbers caught up. Yay!

Weigh-in day. Fun. I’ve been going through a strangely heavier period than I’m used to (my periods are usually light to non-existent thanks to my IUD), but these do happen on occasion. It’s just that the damn cycle just didn’t want to end. I’ll think I’m in the last days of it, and then it’ll get heavier again.

It was causing a plateau last week, but as I mentioned, it seems to be ending. And suddenly the water weight I was retaining fell off.

The results? I’m half a pound shy of being 20 pounds down from where I started!

So what does it look like to spend almost 100 days focused on your health, getting in shape, and losing weight? (Picspam under the cut–don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

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Day 50 – Weigh-in #7

Weekly Weigh InThe results are in….I’ve lost…

NOTHING. (But hey, I didn’t gain, either!)

Hrmm. Actually, I can explain this.

Well, the weight fluctuated quite a bit all week due to getting through my period. And then I also started more intense strength training. Your body DOES retain water as part of the muscle-rebuilding process. And from the soreness that’s still there (and it IS going away!) my muscles DEFINITELY got hit with needing to be rebuilt.

I talk about limbs that feel more solid, but there’s a new “I can feel…!” going on now: I have less padding on my back! It’s not as exciting as saying my legs are thinner (although that’s true too), but it’s something I can really feel a change in!

Under the cut I’ve placed something so horrific that only the strong of stomach may want to click through…I am actually posting some progress pics. >.< I warn you, I am pale to the point of being pasty, and wearing a cami and boyshorts. It’s not pleasant.

So you know, while my goal may be 120 (which, in the past, usually is a size 6 for me–I have wide hips), I would gladly take a well-muscled 130 instead, as that will likely stick me at about the same size.

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