About this Blog

So yeah…another diet blog.

The title of this blog is related to a goal and the personal transformation I must undergo to attain it.

I’ve dieted before. I’ve been moderately successful before. But without proper motivation, I find I will eventually fall off the wagon.

I’ve tried motivating myself with rewards, and I’ve tried diet and fitness programs with other people, but I find if they lose interest I can’t be motivating for us both/all.

And so I’m turning to the public.

By making this blog public, I’m being held accountable for my actions (or inactions!) and will be a help to keeping myself going, and maybe even inspire others to reach their goals too.

About me…

I guess people want to know.

When I was younger, I was pretty thin. In some of the more awkward years, I could even have been called skinny. It helped that I was always active: Soccer, swimming, marching band. When I got to college, instead of gaining the “Freshman 15” I actually lost weight because I joined the crew team.

Weight struggles began my sophomore year when I got switched from rower to coxswain on the crew team. I continued eating like a rower because I was around them all the time, but wasn’t working out like they were. Walking around campus helped me keep my weight low, but barely so. I reached 150 pounds (the upper limit of my “Normal” BMI) at the end of my junior year just before I spent my year abroad in Paris. That year I actually lost a good 30+ pounds just because I had to walk EVERYWHERE.

This means I know I can lose that weight in a healthy manner, and I know that my ideal weight is between 115 and 120.

Post-graduation, I worked in retail. Being on your feet for 8+ hours of the day will also help you keep your weight down. But after that job, I started getting into a more sedentary lifestyle in the form of IT jobs that keep you in front of a desk most of the time. I think my peak was near 190 lbs.

I actually got motivated and lost about 30 pounds before what felt like my life shattering: My dad was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and died in October 2008. My job as a contractor was cut in early 2009 when multiple departments wanted to lay claim to the project I was on, but no one wanted to spare the funding for a contractor. My grandfather died later that spring. I began having family troubles with my only brother (he and I no longer talk) over my father’s estate. My fiancé lost his job. The depression kicked in HARD.

I put on all the weight I had lost. Thankfully I didn’t put on more, but enough is enough.

And so this journey begins….

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you went through some pretty tough times (don’t you love how they always pile up on top of each other?) in the last few years.

    I lost my mother to cancer after two miserable years of treatments post diagnosis. It’s not fun.

    Anyway – sent you a message on Twitter to my personal profile on My Fitness Pal (a tracker that I’m using to watch my food/exercise energy intake and expenditure). Some of the community is a little mad (a level head when dieting counts for a lot) but mostly very friendly.

    Whatever you do: DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF. There are heaps of us trying to change and live a healthier life: you are not alone!

  2. I found you through your pony cupcakes recipe… and I’m inspired! I’ll keep reading your blog because I hope to see you achieve your goal!! 🙂

    • Aww, thank you! Knowing people are reading definitely helps keep me on track! I’m so motivated and excited this time, even through all the plateaus or cravings. So excited to DO IT this time!

  3. the slut chronicler

    stay motivated! you have been through a lot but i’m sure it has made you stronger than the average person. keep on keeping on

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