One month later…


The title of this post is a little misleading, as it hasn’t exactly been one month. But it’s close enough. I took pictures on Thursday, May 3, 2012, and then started my diet and exercise schedule on Sunday, May 6, 2012. Or you could be even more technical and say I started on Monday, May 7, as Sunday is my “cheat” day. On May 6 I did a walk workout, but as far as food was concerned I ate like it was “Dimanche Gras.”

However, it’s been 4 straight weeks of workouts and trying to eat better. I still need to work on the eating better, but I have made clear progress even if the scale hasn’t been so kind.

I haven’t missed a workout, and have felt an increase in stamina and strength. I really need to get some new weights or plates because for many of my exercises I have maxed out the weight on my barbell/dumbbells, and those exercises have become too easy. As I mentioned in my last post, my walks are getting longer in distance, shorter in time, and I’m adding more periods of jogging into the walks. I’m going to shake up my workouts a bit soon, although I’m going to keep the same schedule. I don’t want my body to get into “muscle memory” territory…although it HAS been nice to have finally mastered some of the moves I was doing. Especially the ones involving the stability ball. Yeah, those moves know what they are. I showed you!

Not gonna lie, I’m bummed about the scale not showing my progress too. This coming month I’m going to focus more on diet since I pretty much have the exercise handled. I’m pretty sure my main issue is still not eating enough throughout the day. I also forget to track (oops!) and when I do I discover at the end of the day that I’m missing x-number of calories, so I tend to cram those in as a post-dinner meal. But that also affects my sleep, and that just doesn’t make me feel good. So goal for June: GO BACK TO TRACKING EVERYTHING EVERYDAY TO MAKE SURE I’M EATING RIGHT.

But overall, I’m proud of what I HAVE accomplished. I debated posting these pictures, and finally decided to go for it. I’m not entirely happy with them…it’s not where I expected to be. But the progress is obvious, which keeps me motivated to keep pushing forward. (Pics under the cut to save your eyes and stomachs. XD)

First of all, I want to point out that 173.2 is not my lowest weight, but it IS what I weighed in as on weigh-in day, so I have to count it. I had 16 oz. of hot tea and the better part of a liter of water just before bed, and despite getting up 5 times that night to pee, I still felt like I was still carrying a lot of it when I took these pictures. For the record, 174.0 wasn’t my highest weight either…May 3 happened to be a strangely “low” weight day, while Monday-Thursday of that week hovered between 175-176, and I stupidly forgot to record it because I kept forgetting to find a new pen to put by my scale. Bleah. But enough excuses.

ANYWAY! The most obvious difference is my waist line. Look at that muffintop shrinking away! (Although the only excuses I have for the underarm bulges are: I knew it didn’t feel like I had the bra in the right spot, and yesterday WAS back day and I KILLED my lats…or something. >.>)

In the top picture, I also want to point out that my jawline is becoming more defined, my shoulders are WAY more muscular, the wrist of the arm holding my camera is slimmer, my shorts aren’t as tight, my inner thighs are slimming down, and my calves have more definition.

In the bottom picture, again, my waist is the most obvious change, but my butt is also tighter and more lifted, and again my thighs and calves look a little better. I tried taking a few pictures with my arm down to try to match the pose from the first picture, but those pics all turned out blurry. Even still, I don’t feel that my arm being raised affected the difference in my stomach. If it did, there shouldn’t have been such a difference in the first picture!

Really, if there’s ANY advice I can give to someone who is just beginning a diet or workout program, it’s to TAKE PICTURES. You can also take measurements of various locations, but I find I’m not so skilled at doing that on myself and if I don’t have the tape measure in exactly the same place the second time I will end up giving myself false readings. However, I think pictures are the easiest way to compare and see your progress. So if you’re like me and the scale isn’t showing much change, you can actually have something to point to and say, “HEY LOOK! PROGRESS!”

As much as I hate these pictures, and it took a LOT of pride-swallowing to post them, I have no regrets. They are motivation. I’m curious to see how July 3 will compare!

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