January 1 – This is MY year!

Okay okay…I’m back. Really, seriously back. I put it in my New Years Resolutions to blog at least once per day on one of my blogs (here, my WoW blog, my crafting blog, Tumblr, or my private journal), so this is my blog post for today!

The end of the year actually wasn’t too bad. Yes, I did fall off the wagon, but not TOO hard. I’m still in the 160’s. My new jeans have gotten a little tighter, but considering they were a little tight when I bought them, I can handle that.

From October through last night I had: BlizzCon, K’s wedding, Ren Faire, Thanksgiving, finishing school, Christmas, and New Year’s. It was pretty much a string of travel and holidays that were not kind to the waist line.

I ended last year on some positive notes: I finished school with honors (3.91 GPA), travel was good, I learned to knit, and I faced some fears about moving into the house. So 2012 can only be better, right?

So I’ve been working on my New Year’s Resolutions. This is what I have so far:

This year:

  • Lose those 50 pounds. I managed to drop 30 by mid-October last year (okay, I put some of that back on >.>) and started in the end of April. So 50 is doable. I have a goal of hitting 120, or I guess you could say the “visual equivalent” depending on my fat/muscle percentage. I’d like to be back in a size 6 again, maybe even a size 4, but I don’t want to be “skinny-fat” where I am thin but have no muscle tone. Once again, I would rather be a size 4 at 130 pounds with lots of muscle than a size 6 at 120 pounds and little muscle.


  • To reach this weight loss goal, I’m aiming for 5-10 pounds per month.
  • Set month-long (or 6 weeks at most) exercise goals with rewards like I did before. So if I do Workout X every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I will reward myself with Y.

For January:

  • I will move into the house. My goal is to have the major move (U-Haul and everything, this being the day I actually live there) by/on January 21. My one concern is that I have jury duty on the 4th, and while it’s rare that it will take up that much time, right now I can’t plan for it. I HATE not being able to plan.
  • I will get a job.
  • I will finish at least 2 knitting projects: my Clapotis and my shrug.
  • I’m getting back on the wagon of eating right and exercising. This week I’m focusing on eating better and getting on a better sleep schedule (so I can get up and exercise). I am also using this week to figure out what exercise plan I’m going to do.


  • Plan meals and make grocery lists on Sunday.
  • Pick a room and thoroughly clean it by the end of the week.


  • Wash my face and brush my teeth twice a day. Some mornings I wake up and don’t bother with either. While I always brush my teeth before bed, some mornings I’m just kinda “meh” about it. And while I wash my face every day, there have been nights when I would forego removing my makeup. So while I would still do these tasks every day, I want to make sure I get into a better routine.
  • Go to bed earlier/get up earlier. I just need a better sleep schedule.
  • Drink 3 liters of water per day. I feel better when I do.
  • Take my vitamins! I’m horrible at this, but it always makes me feel better. I also need to include Fish Oil in this. I need to buy one of those weekly pill containers.
  • Lotion on my dry skin. I hate maintaining this, but my skin looks and feels so good when I do.

So those are my “I’m being a responsible adult” resolutions. Now I’m having troubles coming up with the more “fun” resolutions. By that, I mean the resolutions like “Travel more” or “Read X number of books.”

There are things I want to do. I want to learn Intarsia and Fair Isle knitting, and I want to knit with nicer fibers. I want to actually make those costumes for BlizzCon this year. I want to travel more. I want to take care of myself more. I don’t pamper or treat myself enough, and usually only do it if it’s part of treating another person. I’m thinking of making sure I include at least one day, but preferably once every or every other week to just have a “pamper myself” day. That would include a nice bath with bath bomb, maybe even *gasp!* paint my nails. It could include learning a new makeup trick (I have always wanted to learn how to use bright eyeshadows like blues and greens without looking like a Jem and the Holograms reject), which would also involve getting a new type of makeup (like an eyeshadow quad) once a month.

I think it would also be interesting to learn Objective C to learn how to make iPhone apps. I mean, heck…why not? Mobile apps are so tied in with web design these days that it could only help me to learn it.

The main problem with saying things like, “I would like to do…” or “I would like to learn…” is that I’m not able to put a schedule and a solid goal on these possible resolutions. So what I’m working on right now is just listing them down so I can say at a later date that I have a goal for Month X to learn Goal Y. I know the goals I listed at the beginning of this post are practically a checklist of “How I’m going to micro-manage my life,” but that works for me to get me into good habits.

I guess coming up with these fun goals are more like the year-end Bucket List of things I want to have done at some point before the year is over.

Or before we’re all swallowed by a giant Mayan snake.

Anyone else have some great resolutions or goals you’re wanting to accomplish? What’s your schedule like to accomplish them?

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  1. Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog today, and I wanted to tell you that I just LOVE your blog!! I want to start living healthier and lose weight myself, and I just wanted to let you know I found your site to be very inspirational and motivational!! Please keep up all of your hard work!!

    • Thanks! I know I haven’t posted much lately, but that’s going to change. It really helps keep me on track by being held accountable, and it always feels good to help others!

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