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New chapter

Once again, I know I haven’t been posting. I have my reasons. And they are good ones, but mostly along the “I’ve been working on fixing myself” in ways that really don’t make sense to this blog. But I have still been doing what I could to eat right and exercise as much as I could. I had a day of illness, then tweaked my back the next day, then a short while ago I caught Ktok’s cold which knocked me out. I’m still recovering from that and at least the non-stop coughing is of the “final phase” type. I can’t wait until the coughing is OVER, but at least it’s not like it WAS.

I had a LONG plateau where I hung out around 165. This may sound strange, but I think it was fixed through some retail therapy.

First I got some cute pink suede ankle boots.

pink suede ankle boots

Then I decided that my jeans were of an old enough style that they just didn’t work with the cute pink suede ankle boots. My I-don’t-know-how-old-they-are-because-it’s-been-a-long-time-since-I-could-fit-into-them size 10 jeans were boot-cut, but looked wrong. I needed to update my wardrobe just a *little*.

So I made a decision: if I found a pair I liked and didn’t horrify my when I tried them on, I’d get a pair of skinny jeans. Yipe!

Took a trip to Old Navy. Their “Sweetheart” style fits me really well around the waist, hips, and butt. Most jeans just aren’t cut right for me, but I’ve been a fan of those for a long time. They had them in boot cut AND skinny!

It took me a while to find a pair that fit because my sizes weren’t out on the floor, but a great sales associate helped me. At first I settled on a pair of 12 Short (I’m 5’5″, just borderline petite) because they fit me PERFECT. I also took home a pair of 10 Regular (usually, Regulars are the same “size” as a Petite that’s one size higher due to measurement guides) in the same dark blue wash, and also got a pair of 10 Regular in their new grey jeans. The 10 Regulars in blue were a *little* tight, but in the same way that jeans fresh out of the dryer are a little tight. These jeans have some stretch to them, but no more than I already had in my old size 10’s. The grey ones run a little loose because the material is softer.

I finally had new jeans: a pair that fit perfectly and two to shrink into. I also picked up a shirt and a Kermit-The-Frog-Green sweater. I was happy! I had clothes that fit, that looked good on, and they just made me feel really good about all the work I’ve done!

A few days and light period later, I was glad I hadn’t worn the 12’s yet. The 10’s were now fitting perfectly! I returned the 12’s to the store and exchanged them for another 10 Regular. (I considered getting an 8 Regular to shrink into, but I figured I’ve been needing a few pairs of jeans instead of one pair I live in, and wash only on days when I don’t go out.) I still have the old 10 boot cut pair, but I may put those out to pasture.

It’s been a couple weeks since then, and I’ve been dropping weight again. I think the confident, good mood has helped out and my body finally relaxed a little.


Well, I can only put it in pictures:

2011 October 06 Scale

Hiya back!

I finally beat the 160’s! That’s 26.6 pounds down! And a mere 9 pounds to reach a “Normal” weight in my BMI range! According to my scale, my body makeup is FINALLY more muscle than fat!

Now, I have a feeling that it may fluctuate a little, so I’m not calling it as a complete win yet since this is the first day it read below 160. But I can take a few days of it toeing the 160 mark.

My goal was to hit 155 by BlizzCon. BlizzCon is two weeks away, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to drop the whole 4 pounds by then, but I’ll even accept 155.8. I’m working hard and that goal is in sight.

After that is Krystal’s wedding, and I DID get the Alfred Angelo dress I had my heart set on. It’s in at the bridal shop, so I need to make an appointment for a fitting and see if it needs any alterations. Funny thing is that I purchased it (through measurements–they didn’t have one in stock to try on) on the same day I bought my jeans. So it may be a little loose now. But due to the style, I have a feeling that alterations will be minimal.

I also bought the other Victoria’s Secret bikini I wanted. Yay for it being on Clearance! Originally $120, now $60? MINE! It’s definitely too small at the moment, but I was figuring it would be smaller than the red one I purchased. I’ll fit into it eventually! I have no doubt about that!

You know what? I’m happy. It feels really good to say that: I’m genuinely happy right now.