Time for a Change

Time For Change Watch 3I’d been planning to do some kind of reward system for a while now. I have a paperclip chain hanging by my office chair, and I add a new paperclip with every pound I lose. But I wanted something that I could keep on me at almost all times. I’d thought about doing a charm bracelet before, but just couldn’t get a design figured out with the available charms at the local craft stores in mind. I thought about making a necklace and adding a bead or pearl, too. Nothing seemed to click.

The other night I was browsing around Etsy and saw a charm bracelet that had the look I was going for. It had 2 chain strands, which could support more beads than my original idea. (And hey, when you’re aiming to add on about 65 beads, you need the space!)

The next day I hopped over to Michael’s Craft Store and looked for ways to create my new vision. I found chain I liked, and beads I liked, but there was still something missing.

I happened by the watch faces and found two: one that supported 5 strands, and one that supported 3. I decided I REALLY liked the 3-strand idea (even better than just 2 strands for a bracelet) and the vision took further shape. I picked up 4 strings of different beads, plus some spacers. I knew I had beads at home that could work too. For the finishing touch, I picked up a rose gold plated butterfly charm.

I wasn’t sure how this vision would end up (it’s kind of like when you have a picture in your head that you want to draw, but putting it on paper never quite looks like what you have in your head), so I figured it would take some experimentation.

It took two days, lots of cursing, and flinging bits of wire all over the place, but long story short is my watch is now complete!

It’s a cross between a charm bracelet and a watch, and it’s very *me* with all the personal symbolism. 

Apologies for the quality of the pictures. My camera battery was really low, which affects the quality. I have it on the charger now.

First of all, I love copper and rose gold. My skin is very red-toned, and it goes well with my hair. The beads on here are gold and cream (with a pink hue) potato pearls, red glass beads with a gold treatment, antiqued copper filigree beads, round genuine garnets, peach Swarovski bicones, and genuine sunstone rondelles.

The peach bicones and sunstones are used as separators between the chain strand, and all other beads are attached to the center chain right now. I will be adding them along the sides as the pounds come off, but for now they fit perfectly along the middle chain.

I chose a butterfly charm because when I first went to Paris I remember our group leaders asking us what we hope to personally experience during our stay. I said, “I really hope to have a personal change–a real ‘caterpillar-to-butterfly’ kind of change.” And I had one. So like the phoenix, a butterfly is a personal symbol of transformation. Since there were no rose gold phoenix charms, the butterfly one does well. 😉 It’s on here as a reminder that I am making a change every day, even if I don’t see the changes immediately.

Time For Change Watch 1

I know it seems odd that the watch face seems off-center from the band, but when you include the extra chain, it’s right in the middle.

Time For Change Watch 3

Overall, I’m very pleased with how this turned out, goofy name and all. I can’t wait to earn my beads! Now if only my body would comply… XD

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  1. So cute!!!! I’m afraid I don’t understand how it’ll work though, like where the charms will go an’ stuff. I guess we’ll just nee more pictures as the charms get put on! 😀

    • Actually, it makes more sense when you see it up close, though I know the pictures didn’t do it justice. The band is made up of 3 lengths of chain. You can see on the first large pic the bright rose-gold-colored chain. Right now I have all the beads (20 of them) hanging from every other link on that chain. In the future I’ll be completing each link to have 3 beads, and then start adding beads to the outside chains. In the end it’ll probably look like one wide band of beads, but we shall see. =) More pics later, I’m sure!

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