Day 99 – Weigh-in #14

Weekly Weigh InOkay, first of all, I saw I got off in my day count. Yesterday’s post (that I forgot to do) should have been 98, and the day before (the one I posted yesterday morning since my internet failed on me the night before) should have been 97, and so on. So I think I have my numbers caught up. Yay!

Weigh-in day. Fun. I’ve been going through a strangely heavier period than I’m used to (my periods are usually light to non-existent thanks to my IUD), but these do happen on occasion. It’s just that the damn cycle just didn’t want to end. I’ll think I’m in the last days of it, and then it’ll get heavier again.

It was causing a plateau last week, but as I mentioned, it seems to be ending. And suddenly the water weight I was retaining fell off.

The results? I’m half a pound shy of being 20 pounds down from where I started!

So what does it look like to spend almost 100 days focused on your health, getting in shape, and losing weight? (Picspam under the cut–don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

These first pictures are a comparison from when I’d already lost nearly 5 pounds versus today, so there’s about a 15 pound difference here.

Front Compare: 2011 May 06 - July 21

You can’t tell much from the front comparison just because of what I’m wearing and such, but here’s what I see: I notice the biggest difference in that little bit of arm showing. In today’s picture, I can see a more defined shoulder, a thinner forearm (even though my arm is at a slightly different angle), and the amount of the “hollow” of my neck that’s showing. In fact, to me, my elbow itself looks positively sharp!

Side Compare: 2011 May 06 - July 21a

The second picture…well, the change is pretty obvious in my stomach! And I’m not even really “sucking it in”! There’s still a lot to lose there, but I’m quite pleased with what I see. Also, my front arm (the one going up) definitely shows more definition, my back looks thinner, my back (left) arm looks thinner, and my legs look thinner. My boyshorts are less “strained” because I’ve got less “junk in the trunk” although that is still a source of frustration. I really wish my butt and thighs would get with the program. XD I HAVE CUTE JEANS TO SQUEEZE INTO, DAMMIT!

This next comparison is kind of interesting. I took the first picture on my phone (hence the blurriness) when my Blood Knight t-shirts arrived back in February. I took the picture wearing the larger of the short-sleeve shirts (I bought 2 short sleeve and 2 long sleeve because I wasn’t sure which would be the best fit according to their size charts) and my size 12 jeans. I had not begun any kind of diet or exercise program at this point, although my weight was giving me concern because my jeans felt tight (and I managed to mask the bit of a muffin top I had going on in this pic), so I was beginning to go through the “OMG WHAT SHOULD I DO?!” mental stage. I took the second picture today wearing the same shirt, but my size 10 jeans. I don’t even have a muffin top in these jeans now! The shirt is actually loose around the waist!

I tried to get the angle the same, but obviously it’s a little off.

BK Shirt Comparison: Feb 28 - July 21The shirt is less strained under the arms/into the chest. The design also curves in more under my boobs since I have less of a stomach to hold it out/maintain the straightness of the design. My upper left arm (the arm on the right as you look at it) is also definitely thinner. Despite the difference in the angle, my hips look thinner.

So about 20 pounds in just under 100 days. That’s about a pound every 5 days…I can live with that! I am very proud of this progress, and can’t wait to see where I am in the next 100 days!

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  1. Congrats!! Yeah a pound every five days is nice and slow, which is way better for you than dropping 20 in like, a week. When you do it slower (and through lifestyle changes like you’re doing) it stays of better! Yay! Yeah I can definitely see the differences in the pictures. Great job, keep it up!

    • Thanks! Sure, I’d LOVE to drop 20 pounds in a week, but I didn’t put it all on in a week either. Oh, the impatience! The worst part is when you see a gain on the scale from one week to the next, even thought you’re doing everything right. Taking pictures can really help! Measurements too, although for the life of me I can’t find my tape measure… >.>

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