Day 96 – Seeing change

Yes I've Changed

(Aili’s note: This was last night’s post, but as I was about to post it our internet went down. So you get it today, and you’ll get today’s post later tonight.)

Thankfully the cramps were not the result of over-working myself via exercise. Just a matter of minor menstrual cramps in my back. Not fun, but didn’t hinder me too bad. I still got in my workout today, and that felt good. If there’s one thing that having a physical pain can do to you, it can help you realize how good it feels to get through it.

When I was looking in the mirror today, I couldn’t help but think of some friends that I see twice a year. They’re in their 60’s, but spry as ever. We go down to the Charlotte Ren Faire in the fall to see them, and they come up in the spring to visit us. I just started getting back in shape–literally, the day before they visited–when they came up this year. I will probably see them again in November. I don’t know what I will weigh at that point, or what size I will be wearing, but I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised. The wife is a Weight Watchers leader, and the husband is really tall and rail thin. While they have never been scornful of when I’ve put on or lost weight, they definitely notice. Well, this fall I can’t wait for them to notice the positive change.

For that matter, I can’t wait to reach my goal and see people I haven’t seen in a while. I’ve been through hell, got myself into a deep hole of pain and depression to the point where I could barely even get out of bed some days, and I’ve been slowly clawing my way back out. Being happy–and being happy with MYSELF– is worth fighting for. There were days I didn’t believe that, but I’m seeing that now. Thing is, I know people would have wanted to help. And I appreciate that. But if I am not in the right mind frame to help myself, then no amount of effort from others will help.

I’m finally in the right place mentally and emotionally, and I am slowly but surely adding physically to that list.

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  1. When you’re all done you should post a before/after photo (even if you want to blur our your face or something for anonymity’s sake). It’s ALWAYS inspirational to see the change side-by-side! 🙂

    • Actually, I take a pic every week on weigh-in day (Thursday–today!) but don’t always post them. The before and afters REALLY help, especially on those weeks when you don’t feel like you can see a change, but when you put the pics next to each other it’s glaringly obvious. I did post pics one week when I hadn’t lost any weight, but lost fat and put on muscle. It felt so good to see a change is actually THERE!

      I probably will post an after the Shred comparison, along with the mention that it’s been done in conjunction with diet. As Jillian says (and as I’ve read elsewhere), you can put on all the muscle you want, but if you don’t lose the fat that’s covering it, you won’t see much of a change. Stripping fat comes from both diet and exercise, so I’ve been doing both. Don’t want people to think that ALL it takes is 20-30 minutes of exercise. That’s a good first step, but once you get that momentum going and see positive changes, it’s usually easy to continue making better lifestyle choices.

      …I sound like I’m writing the post already. XD But yes, I LOVE before-and-afters, and find them so inspirational. If other people can do it, so can I!

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