Day 94 – This is my dream

This Is Your DreamJust wanted to post and reassess what I’m doing. I figure that if I’m starting “July with Jillian (Take Two)” tomorrow, now is a good time to remind myself what is going on here.

My goals on my Rewards page are not why I’m doing this. Yes, doing things like getting my ears pierced, buying a new bikini, and ultimately getting a tattoo are like tasty carrots dangling from the end of sticks, but they’re not why I’m doing this.

I’m doing this because I need to get back in shape, and because I WANT to get back in shape. I WANT this. And I have finally gotten to the point where I’ll do anything (healthy!) to get it!

I’m tired of looking at the accomplishments of others and thinking, “I wish I could have/do that.” I KNOW I can. There’s nothing stopping me but myself.

Right now I’m pushing myself to my next goal. Just a couple of pounds, and I’ll have lost 20 since I started. It boggles my mind to realize that I’m about 10 pounds lower than when I went to Blizzcon last year. Sure, I still have a ways to go, but as long as I keep focused I WILL get there.

This doesn’t have to remain a dream. This can–and WILL–become a reality. But I won’t let ANYONE, even myself, take it away from me.

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