Day 93 – Oh, silly body

Scarlet OnslaughtI wasn’t expecting it, but should have been. I’m battling the Scarlet Onslaught again. Well, at least that explains the fatigue and crankiness this past week. At least it was fairly mild, but it still happened.

But considering I DID lose weight this week, I’m hopeful that this means I’ll also shed a little extra from the PMS retention.

I made shish-kabobs tonight that were really good. They were supposed to be dinner last night, but the trip to the piercer put that on hold. At least I got the chance to get some more teriyaki to marinate them. They consisted of a really nice steak, cut up into pieces (they ended up SO tender!), pineapple, green peppers, and pearl onions. I found a sesame-ginger teriyaki for the marinade, though I barely tasted it.

Tomorrow is going to be steaks and a salad, I believe. I have fresh strawberries for the salad, though I forgot to pick up an avocado.

Unfortunately, my sleep schedule is getting out of whack, so I need to reset that somehow. I can GO to bed, but sleeping is another matter. And I really don’t want to have to go back on sleep meds because they leave me feeling horrible when I am awake. I’m almost tempted to pull an all-nighter.


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