Day 91 – Weigh-in #13

Weekly Weigh InOkay, catching back up. I’m still up, so although WordPress will tell me that I missed yesterday’s post, but what does it know? XD

Even with taking an exercise break, I managed to get my weight loss back on track. And I mean, REALLY back on track.

Can we say, “Where’s the nearest piercer”? ^_^

Yep! I made that 170 milestone!

Though I’m thinking that instead of getting my lobes pierced again, instead I want to go ahead and get some cartilage piercings so they’re healed by the time I go to Blizzcon. And instead of just doing a helix piercing, well, I want something like this (in both ears) since that’s what the majority of my Blood Elf girlies have as their earring choice. Colors? Red and gold, of course! Maybe red and black. Blood Knight/Horde pride!

Well, I feel much better now that I’m seeing some weight loss again. And I’m monitoring my scale, since it measures muscle and body fat percentage, to make sure that it’s not muscle mass that I’m losing. I’ll be starting my exercise routine again on Monday. I just really needed some time off. And what do you know? Seems my body decided to reset after all!

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