Day 79 – Day 1 of the 30-Day Shred Challenge

Jillian: Before And AfterYour body really does adapt to the workout you do to make it easier. The one I did before was more strength training that raised my heart rate. I didn’t lose a lot of weight, but my body did change in a positive manner.

So when I watched the Level 1 of Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred, I thought, “Wow, this looks like it will be pretty easy…” I did it anyway, not allowing myself to skip ahead to Level 2.

Oh man, using muscles in movements you didn’t use before? BRUTAL. But hey, that’s the idea, right? I did MOST of the push-ups on my toes (there’s a huge difference between doing 10-20 push-ups and doing an “unlimited number” of push-ups for a set period of time) and had to adjust my weights mid-way through the workout, but I got through it. I also had to adjust the movements a little bit to accommodate working out in an apartment. I can’t always stretch and swing and jump as much as I can physically handle simply because of space or courtesy to neighbors. (Which is odd considering their lack of courtesy to us, but just because they can be loud annoying assholes doesn’t make it all right for me to do it.) Point is, the modifications were minimal, and I got through it.

Yeah, I think I can do this!

Think I can drop these pesky 3 pounds in the next 2 weeks? Gonna go for it!

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  1. Oh man, I tried that 30 day shred DVD and it was INTENSE, and I’m decently in shape to begin with. I did it with 5 lb weights too (despite my roommate’s protesting– MISTAKE!!!! Shoulda used the 3 lbs…). Anyway I feel ya– it’s a great workout! I need to get my own copy so I can do it more often. I like the way it’s structured and that it has me hit muscle failure without being completely wiped or in pain the next day.

    • I hear you! I started with 5 lb weights the first day and…got through it, but was NOT a happy camper. Swapped to 3 lb weights for most of the exercises, but keep the 5 lb weights around for things like the chest flys. I needed to take a break, but now that things seem back to normal I’m going to start up again on Monday. Who would have thought that a 20-30 minute workout would be that intense? But it’s doing the job, and I honestly feel bad if I don’t keep up or have to pause the video for any reason!

  2. Yeah I definitely had a few moments where I was like “The X-Box controller is right there. I can pause, and recover for just a moment…” but didn’t. I really wanted to. I wanted it SO BAD. But I pushed through and was sore from last Wednesday until yesterday to answer for it. Haha! The workout is soooo intense!

    You can do it though. You seem to have the dedication!! 😀

    • Yeah, I think it’s the quick transitions that keep me winded. I just want a break to catch my breath! The sad part, IMHO, is that her most motivating comments are at the END of the video. And it’s understandable because that’s when you’re tired and REALLY want a break, but there are points even at the beginning when they’d be helpful!

      I’d love to hear about your progress! Are you going to do it straight through, or just include it as part of your routine?

      And thanks! I REALLY want to get back in shape this time! Feels good to actually KNOW what you want and realize it CAN be done.

  3. I just plan to throw it into my normal schedule here and there. Maybe once I get my own copy (and stop bumming my roommate’s) I can do it for 30 days like she recommends.

    And yeah, I wish she’d put more of her motivational comments at the beginning too. Like an occasional, “NO I see you reaching for that remote to pause– don’t you dare!” Hahaha! 🙂

    • Heck, even just comments like, “First of three circuits done!” and more “You want this body? You can do this! Just 20 more minutes!” type comments are a help. It also helps me to count the number of push-ups, lunges, etc. so I can count them down. Oh! And when I realized (before she said it) that the 2-minute cardio set meant 4 30-second sets, suddenly those got easier. THEN she said that they’re only 30-seconds each. Definitely a mind-over-matter situation, but funny how realizing those details makes it go by faster!

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