Day 72 – Working for it

You Get What You Work ForI felt pretty crappy today thanks to Aunt Flo. I got up this morning, had my oatmeal, did some homework, then laid back down in bed and read/played games for a while. I didn’t start my workout until late. Heck, the only reason I got out of bed in the first place was the siren’s call of the baked oatmeal. Mmmm….

On the plus side, I weighed in this morning lower than my last “lowest weight” (one of those unofficial weigh-in days) which felt really good. I’ve been making sure to drink more water and as I mentioned before, I’ve been trying to eat more to make sure I’m not slipping into starvation mode. So the water flush plus losing the retention from that time of the month seems to be helping out. I just hope I can hold onto that number and even go lower by next weigh-in.

Since Ktok’s family (I saw Krystal’s influence on this! <3) got me the Jillian Michaels fitness DVDs for my birthday (30 Day Shred and 6 Week Six-Pack I believe…they’re in the other room) I think I’m going to start those on July 1. Maybe I’ll call it the July/Michaels 30-Day Challenge. That’ll also give me a few days to watch the DVDs and work out a plan. Sure, July has 31 days, but I’m not going to wait until September for an even 30-day month to get started. XD I need to have my bridesmaid dress purchased by the end of August and want to sew my Blizzcon costume in September.

In four months I’ll be coming back from Blizzcon…seems like a lot of time, and yet it doesn’t. If I keep working at it, though, I can do this!

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