Day 71 – Weigh-in #10

Weekly Weigh InI was actually up a pound today. Ah well. I actually have some theories about this, though, and I’m not too upset:

Birthday weekend. I did fairly well with the exception of two dinners. I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat 3500 calories (the number of calories in a pound of fat). But there is still that solid matter that is still in the process of moving through me. Note to self: More salad.

Not enough water. On top of foods with more salt in them, I didn’t drink enough water. I got to two liters per day, but really feel better when I have three.

Fighting the Scarlet Onslaught. Oh yeah, guess what showed up today? I had a feeling it was coming, considering my face broke out (I almost thought it was an allergic reaction to something, but haven’t had anything that would have caused it when it happened) and suddenly felt fatigued. Yuck.

On the plus side: I feel like my back has slimmed down. It’s a bit distressing at first because it leaves my front out of proportion, making me feel like all my weight shifted to my belly. Then I realized that my belly really hasn’t changed, it’s just an illusion from my back slimming down. Stupid Body…lots of other places to slim down, ya know?

My challenge this week is that I’m going to eat more. Yeah, I recalculated my AMR and was undereating for the amount of exercise I was doing. I was fine with my food based on my original activity level, but definitely need more now since my body is dancing with starvation mode. Don’t want that!

I got some yummy things at the grocery store yesterday (Nectarines! Strawberries! Avocados! More Cornish Hens! Almond Butter!) but of course some of the things I wanted were not there. I went to the lower-quality store anyway…going to try the better store soon. Need more spinach anyway.

Hopefully next week’s report will be better!

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