Day 70 – Just relax…

Extra Fat: GTFOPretty sure my weight is going to be up tomorrow, and that my body is trying hard to plateau. This sucks because it feels so soon since my last plateau. But I’m reminding myself that as long as I’m doing things right, my body will work everything out in the end.

When I went to Paris I was able to drop 10 pounds before I left. Over the course of the school year, I dropped another 20 without even trying. Thing is, I remember that I was trying during the first semester. I didn’t have a scale, so I don’t know exactly how much I lost when, but it seemed like it really wasn’t going anywhere from August through the holidays.

After December, though, it felt like the weight just melted off. I might have been walking some more than during the first semester, but I stopped fretting about what I ate. I still tried to be healthy, but I had a pizza every other week or so. I drank wine all the time. I just…relaxed.

And then I had to buy new clothes when the spring came because the stuff I brought with me was too big.

That’s not to say I should relax too much, eat whatever I want (even if that includes a pint of Ben & Jerry’s every night), and stop exercising. Quite the opposite. I’m still focusing on the exercise. If anything, I probably need to eat more since I had originally calculated my AMR (Active Metabolic Rate) before I turned up the intensity of my workout. Of course I want to still eat healthy foods, like having an apple instead of a sweet granola bar. But I don’t want to scrutinize every bite of food I have, and I don’t want to be neurotic about the scale.

I WANT to be able to drop a size or two before BlizzCon…I’m still working toward that goal. But I also need to remember to relax. I feel like right now my body is doing its “shift” thing again, going through a cycle of building muscle and still soon flip to melting fat. And you know, even if I don’t lose those two sizes–even if I only lose 1 or who knows what else can happen–I just need to remember that it took about 5 months of my body not really budging when I first got to Paris, and then the next 5 months I slimmed down dramatically. I’m about 3 months in right now, I’ve lost some weight, I’ve put on a lot of muscle and it’s obvious my body is changing. My arms! My legs! Even doing planks and stability ball exercises have gotten easier, so obviously my core has suddenly strengthened up!

So yeah…this is not the time to get discouraged. This is the time to just take it one day at a time, do what I need to do, and as long as I keep at it, my body WILL catch up.

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