Day 69 – Catching up

I'm fifty fucking two and will rock this dressI know I haven’t written in a few days. Such is the way of the birthday weekend. I didn’t do so well on the eating front, but I DID continue to get in my exercise, even when StupidBrain was doing everything it could to convince me that I deserved the weekend off. Maybe so, but October is a weekend closer now, and I wasn’t about to let opportunity to get in shape pass by on a whim.

To recap:

Friday we did a birthday dinner at the Melting Pot. Mmmm…fondue! It was expensive, sure, and it was sinfully delicious. Definitely worth it!

Saturday and Sunday we behaved. Saturday’s dinner consisted of the PF Chang’s Beef and Broccoli that you get in the freezer section of the grocery store. Not quite as good as at the restaurant, but it hit the spot. Sunday was a tilapia and salad day. It’s funny how there are days I just REALLY don’t want a salad…I’m a bit salad’ed out right now. And yet when I ate it, it tasted SO good.

Yesterday was my actual birthday, so we went out to our favorite pizza place. Yes, I had pizza! And wings! And TWO beers! Then came home and instead of getting a cake, I had a Rolo McFlurry. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY, DAMMIT!

Considering I did a helluva workout earlier yesterday, I certainly could consume some extra calories.

Admittedly, the weight isn’t coming off as fast as I would like, but at 1 pound per week, at least it means that I should be exactly where I want to be by my next birthday. And I can deal with that.

No “Yesterday” summary since I summed it up already. XD

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