Day 65 – Making Myself

Make YourselfIt sounds self-centered, but when you stop thinking about “Losing weight for someone/thing else” you realize you’re doing it for YOU. And that’s okay. There are days when I feel disappointed that I don’t get any hits to this blog, but then I think, “But…I’m not writing for anyone else. I’m writing to keep MYSELF on track. I made a promise to MYSELF, and I’m worth keeping that promise!”

I AM worth it. It IS in my control. I WILL reach my goals.

And just for interest’s sake, here’s a questionnaire I found.

  1. your stats: cw: 173.8, ugw: 120-ish
  2. height? 5 ft 5 | do you like it? I wish I was taller. =/ 
  3. thinspiration picture? No specific one, but I love Nike’s marketing.
  4. fears of weightloss? No fears, just impatience. 
  5. why are you losing weight? Simply put: I need to.
  6. do you binge? Not really.
  7. do your parents know? Both my parents are deceased, but they supported me losing weight when they were alive and I needed it. (Didn’t always need it…that’s the frustrating part.)
  8. your workout routine? Strength training 5 days per week. But it’s a program that gets the heart rate up. I do extra cardio if I get done within an hour.
  9. people ever make bad comments about your weight? Not to my face, but I remember once when I went to a bar for my birthday (and I weighed in around 130 and wore a size 5/6) there were some guys behind me and my friends checking us out. The “wingmen” apparently told the guy to talk to me, and he said, “Ah, she’s kinda cute, but her hips are wide.” I nearly turned around and belted him. My hips might be wide, and I might not have the androgynous boy-body of a 14-year-old…but I assure you I could have done things to him that would have made him see stars. HIS LOSS.
  10. what was the hardest things you gave up for your weightloss? Processed carbs for EVERY meal. Cereal for breakfast, granola bars for snacks, rice for lunch, and pasta/bread for dinner. I still allow them, but healthier versions and MUCH healthier portions. 
  11. fave thinspo blog and why? I don’t like thinspo
  12. what do you eat normally? I don’t really have a “normally” way of eating. I’ll do eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, lean protein and veggies for lunch and dinner (or a sandwich for lunch if I eat it after my workout), and try to fill in other meals with protein shakes, fruits, snackable veggies, and other easy-to-grab foods that are good for me.
  13. are you losing weight in a healthy or unhealthy way? HEALTHY! At least, trying to!
  14. your ugw? 120 lbs, based on how I was when I was in college and got back from Paris. But I might go higher depending on how my body is looking when I get closer to goal. I’m not 20 years old anymore. | when you expect to reach it? I’m not sure, but definitely by my next birthday. 
  15. are you vegan or vegetarian? No. 
  16. when you decided to lose weight? When haven’t I? But I started this last year around BlizzCon time, and although I got off plan around the holidays I started again in mid-April.
  17. do you have an eating disorder?  Not that I know of.
  18. what food is your weakness? Sushi! 
  19. when was the last time you ate fast food? Ummm…last week? I think I had a few fast food salads. And the last BAD fast food was the day I got my hair cut, but that was a treat day anyway.
  20. favourite diet? I just eat healthy, or try to. 
  21. your clothing size? Size 12 jeans, medium/large tops.
  22. do you want a gap?  I don’t recall ever having one, even when I was at my thinnest, but I wouldn’t say no if it happens.
  23. how do you feel about being around food? Food isn’t the enemy.
  24. 10 facts about you? 1. I’m a gamer (duh) 2. I am half Finnish and half German 3. I had pet rats and budgies (I miss them!) 4. I lived in Paris for a year 5. I was a coxswain in crew 6. I was a French major and have forgotten most of my vocabulary 7. I played flute and piccolo through college 8. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 12, and got my navel pierced after college 9. I want a Yorkie 10. I have a terrible fear of heights.

There you go!

As for yesterday….

My metabolism seems to be up, which is good. I have been needing to eat more. Then again, I’m hungry-hungry-hippo, a little bloaty, and my face broke out without remorse. I think I’m due to fight the Scarlet Onslaught soon….

Meal #1:
1/2 c oatmeal
1 egg
2 pieces turkey bacon

Meal #2: Pre-workout
1 scoop protein powder
1/2 c 1% milk

Meal #3: Lunch/Post-workout
2 slices Pepperidge Farms 15-grain whole grain bread
2 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp Welch’s lower-sugar grape jelly
3 oz. baby carrots
1 medium apple

Meal #4:
1 chicken breast oven-“fried” with potato flakes rather than bread crumbs
2 c steamed broccoli

Meal #5:
1/2 c Jello sugar-free butterscotch pudding
2 tbsp fat free Cool Whip

Meal #6: Was really hungry after dinner, and needed a snack or I wouldn’t have been able to sleep.
1/2 PB&J sandwich (like Meal #3, using only 1 piece of bread)

Water: I need to work on my water again. =/
2 liters

Day off!

7 hours

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