Hulkbudgie SMASH!A few things…

1. I shouldn’t PvP. I rage when I PvP. As a result, I tend to piss my friends off because they think I’m yelling at them. Such is the problem of being a competitive person.

2. I came up with this story while I was struggling to sleep last night: Once upon a time there was a lovely elven sorceress who was having a bad night. She decided it would be best for everyone if she slept it off and focused on having a better morning. In the middle of the night, a curious spider happened to drop down from the ceiling onto the sorceress’s bare arm. It woke the sorceress, and, shocked and surprised, she frantically flailed about to get the spider away from her. The spider landed on her bed and scurried quickly away. The last the sorceress saw of the spider, it was running across her pillow and disappearing between it and the headboard. Annoyed, she laid back down and tried to sleep again, but then anytime a hair twitched on her body she got the creepy-crawlies and thought more spiders were dropping down upon her. Despite the summer heat, she got up, put on long sleeves and pants and socks and tried to fall asleep again. THEN the birds began their morning songs even though sunrise wasn’t for another couple of hours, keeping the sorceress awake. Fed up, the sorceress did the only thing she could do: She cursed the spider so it would be able to run outside to freedom…there it would be eaten by the loudest bird…and the bird would subsequently be poisoned and die.

Moral of the story: Don’t piss off a mage. You never know what might happen to you.

3. Directing my frustration into my workout was good. I almost wanted to go longer, but had already burned 700 calories in just over an hour. I didn’t want to become sore as I was last week again.

4. We’re having a decent thunderstorm–FINALLY! Needed it to knock the pollen and stuff out of the air.

5. We had sushi last night. I was SO hungry that I ate more than I expected to eat, AND Green Tea Ice Cream, and finished before Ktok was done. I completely wolfed mine down. The funny thing? I was down another 0.2 pounds today. Keep up the good work, body!

6. Today was the first time Ktok saw me in my workout gear, and he commented, “You really are getting your figure back!” No, actually. No I’m not. I’m getting a BETTER figure. (That statement kind of reminded me of the joke, “I’m getting into shape! Round is a shape!”)

7. I look at my pics from Blizzcon last year and can’t help but think, “Damn, I look SO MUCH BETTER than that ALREADY!” The good news? I still have over 4 months to lose as much as possible. I can do this!

8. Time to BUDGIEHULK SMASH! through the last of my homework now. Then this class will be done!


Meal #1:
1 packet of Quaker Instant “Weight Control” oatmeal (Maple & Brown Sugar)
1 egg
6 oz. low-sodium V-8

Meal #2:
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1/2 c 1% milk

Meal #3:
4 oz. salmon fillet
1 tsp lemon juice
2 c spinach
1 tbsp fat free ranch dressing

Meal #4: Sushi…lots of it. But I had this planned to be a “treat” day anyway.
1 “White Mountain” roll
1 “Rock ‘n Roll”
1/2 “Maryland” Roll
1/2 Spicy crab roll
1/2 bottle Nigori sake
1/2 serving of Green tea ice cream

Water: Got a bit behind on the water =/
2 Liters

Full body workout – Shoulders

7 hours

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