Day 51 – HAIRCUT!

transformationI think I lost 10 pounds just by getting my hair chopped. There was enough on the floor around my chair at the salon to make a small dog. I wish I had gotten a picture. Swept up, it really looked like a small Yorkie laying on the ground. But yay for cute hair!

If there’s one thing that I was proud of today, it’s that I debated getting a workout in and did it anyway. I mean, I knew Ktok and I were going to go out for dinner (it’s my food day off) and my hair was already done. I was already showered and dressed. But I reminded myself that I was on a schedule. I did not want to get off that schedule…I wanted to make sure I stuck to it because I promised myself I would.

I even tried to convince myself that I might do my workout after dinner, but then I had to be realistic…I likely wouldn’t. So at 4 pm, I pulled my now-short hair back into a ponytail as best I could and did my workout anyway. I might regret my hair no longer being as fluffy and styled, but I was not going to regret breaking my promise to myself.

In case anyone’s wondering, here are the before and after pics.


Meal #1:
1 egg
1/4 c egg whites
2 pieces turkey bacon

Meal #2:
2 c spinach
1 pork mini-loaf

Meal #3:
2 c spinach
4 oz. salmon fillet
1 medium apple

Meal #4:
1 Chick-Fil-A grilled chicken and fruit salad
1 diet lemonade

1 90 calorie  Twix ice cream bar

2 Liters

Day off

7 hours

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