Day 50 – Weigh-in #7

Weekly Weigh InThe results are in….I’ve lost…

NOTHING. (But hey, I didn’t gain, either!)

Hrmm. Actually, I can explain this.

Well, the weight fluctuated quite a bit all week due to getting through my period. And then I also started more intense strength training. Your body DOES retain water as part of the muscle-rebuilding process. And from the soreness that’s still there (and it IS going away!) my muscles DEFINITELY got hit with needing to be rebuilt.

I talk about limbs that feel more solid, but there’s a new “I can feel…!” going on now: I have less padding on my back! It’s not as exciting as saying my legs are thinner (although that’s true too), but it’s something I can really feel a change in!

Under the cut I’ve placed something so horrific that only the strong of stomach may want to click through…I am actually posting some progress pics. >.< I warn you, I am pale to the point of being pasty, and wearing a cami and boyshorts. It’s not pleasant.

So you know, while my goal may be 120 (which, in the past, usually is a size 6 for me–I have wide hips), I would gladly take a well-muscled 130 instead, as that will likely stick me at about the same size.

Brace yourself….

2011 May 06 - 2011 June 02_ComparisonFrontIn this pic, you have me about 2 weeks after I started and already 5 pounds down, then last week’s pic, and this week’s pic. As you can see between last week and this week, I haven’t lost any weight, but my hips and legs are a little thinner (note the area at the widest point of my hips), my belly doesn’t pooch out quite so much, my tank top is actually looser, my waist a little more defined, and my arm (notably my forearm) is a little thinner.

2011 May 06 - 2011 June 02_ComparisonSideSame can be seen here…legs have thinned out, belly is smaller (between last week and today, my boy shorts aren’t cutting into my belly), I’m thinner at the ribs under the boobs, and my arms look a little thinner.

Don’t worry, I don’t plan to make this a regular posting, just every month or so. The brain bleach should kick in by then! But I wanted to show that even without any weight change, there are visible differences in even just a week.

As for yesterday:

After all the exercising that I’ve been doing, I decided to cycle in some more carbs during the day. Just a moderate amount to see how I felt, and only during the morning/day time so my body would use them up.

Meal #1: I’ve been DYING to try these. It takes longer to cook, but I thought it was worth it!
1/2 c (cooked) steel cut oats/oatmeal
1 tsp maple syrup
1 tsp brown sugar
6 oz. low sodium V8

Meal #2:
2 slices Pepperidge Farms Whole grain white bread
1 serving Oscar Meyer thin-sliced honey ham
2 tbsp plain Greek Yogurt (I added dill and a little salt to make a spread instead of using mayo)
1 banana
3 oz. baby carrots

Meal #3:
1 medium apple
1 handful almonds
1 low fat string cheese

Meal #4:
4 oz. salmon fillet
1 cup steamed broccoli

Snack: Yes, I picked some more of these up. Small, yet SO good! The box says that 3 of these are a serving. Maybe so, but who needs that many?
1 90 calorie Twix ice cream bar

Water: SO CLOSE!
2.5 liters

Strength program: Glutes
Stationary Bike – 20 minutes

7 hours

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  1. That is quite a difference, you are looking amazing! Good work 😀

    I actually took a pic yesterday to show my own progress… after 3 months, this is my change in waist measurement (11 cm lost!):

    Also, I would recommend trying this recipe for breakfast if you like oatmeal… it’s become the regular thing for me! And it tastes great even if you totally cut the sugar and butter by half.

    Keep it up! 🙂

    • Thanks! And holy heck, look at your progress! AMAZING WORK!

      I do like oatmeal, and this recipe looks DELICIOUS! Definitely going to try it ASAP!

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