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Day, um, 78 – Starting clean (Weigh in #11)

Weekly Weigh InThis week has been nice. I enjoyed my exercise week off, relaxed on my eating a bit, and still lost weight. Also, it wasn’t muscle mass that I lost. But now that I had my break, it’s time to start anew.

Tomorrow begins the Jillian Michaels workout. The DVDs I have are actually “Ripped in 30” and “6-Week 6-Pack.” I’m also going to focus on my food again, remembering to eat more to lose more, and to eat clean (if I can recognize it, I can eat it).

I’ve been doing what I can to find more recipes that I like. To be honest, lunch is the hardest for me. I keep trying to find things that are quick to prepare, but filling enough as a meal.

But in other news, my weigh-in today: 173.4! I’m down 1.4 from last week! Sure, there was that issue of putting on some weight from my period, but I still lost some since then. Not bad for not trying.

Here’s to a good July!


Days 73 & 74 – Where did the weekend go?

Compete With YourselfOops! Yeah, I forgot to post again. So catching up!

I fulfilled my commitment to myself! I got through 4 weeks of my strength training program! There were days I didn’t want to do it, but I pushed through anyway. Felt really good when I suddenly realized that it was over.

So starting July 1 I’m going to do the Jillian Michaels DVDs. I’ll continue with the program I’m on now until I get to the 1st.

What else?

Oh yeah, yesterday I had pizza again. It was good. The hardest part is to make sure it’s gone ASAP without overeating in one sitting. But this week I have some good meals planned. I’m doing the Cornish Hens again (that’ll be 2 dinners) and turkey chili (3 dinners). I also found a way to make pretty decent salmon melts (like tuna melts) that are very tasty.

I also want to try to get to bed earlier and get up even earlier so I can get my workout done in the morning. That’ll be my challenge this week.

That in mind, this is just a quick post so I can get to bed at a decent hour. Oh look, it’s after midnight already!

Day 72 – Working for it

You Get What You Work ForI felt pretty crappy today thanks to Aunt Flo. I got up this morning, had my oatmeal, did some homework, then laid back down in bed and read/played games for a while. I didn’t start my workout until late. Heck, the only reason I got out of bed in the first place was the siren’s call of the baked oatmeal. Mmmm….

On the plus side, I weighed in this morning lower than my last “lowest weight” (one of those unofficial weigh-in days) which felt really good. I’ve been making sure to drink more water and as I mentioned before, I’ve been trying to eat more to make sure I’m not slipping into starvation mode. So the water flush plus losing the retention from that time of the month seems to be helping out. I just hope I can hold onto that number and even go lower by next weigh-in.

Since Ktok’s family (I saw Krystal’s influence on this! <3) got me the Jillian Michaels fitness DVDs for my birthday (30 Day Shred and 6 Week Six-Pack I believe…they’re in the other room) I think I’m going to start those on July 1. Maybe I’ll call it the July/Michaels 30-Day Challenge. That’ll also give me a few days to watch the DVDs and work out a plan. Sure, July has 31 days, but I’m not going to wait until September for an even 30-day month to get started. XD I need to have my bridesmaid dress purchased by the end of August and want to sew my Blizzcon costume in September.

In four months I’ll be coming back from Blizzcon…seems like a lot of time, and yet it doesn’t. If I keep working at it, though, I can do this!

Day 71 – Weigh-in #10

Weekly Weigh InI was actually up a pound today. Ah well. I actually have some theories about this, though, and I’m not too upset:

Birthday weekend. I did fairly well with the exception of two dinners. I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat 3500 calories (the number of calories in a pound of fat). But there is still that solid matter that is still in the process of moving through me. Note to self: More salad.

Not enough water. On top of foods with more salt in them, I didn’t drink enough water. I got to two liters per day, but really feel better when I have three.

Fighting the Scarlet Onslaught. Oh yeah, guess what showed up today? I had a feeling it was coming, considering my face broke out (I almost thought it was an allergic reaction to something, but haven’t had anything that would have caused it when it happened) and suddenly felt fatigued. Yuck.

On the plus side: I feel like my back has slimmed down. It’s a bit distressing at first because it leaves my front out of proportion, making me feel like all my weight shifted to my belly. Then I realized that my belly really hasn’t changed, it’s just an illusion from my back slimming down. Stupid Body…lots of other places to slim down, ya know?

My challenge this week is that I’m going to eat more. Yeah, I recalculated my AMR and was undereating for the amount of exercise I was doing. I was fine with my food based on my original activity level, but definitely need more now since my body is dancing with starvation mode. Don’t want that!

I got some yummy things at the grocery store yesterday (Nectarines! Strawberries! Avocados! More Cornish Hens! Almond Butter!) but of course some of the things I wanted were not there. I went to the lower-quality store anyway…going to try the better store soon. Need more spinach anyway.

Hopefully next week’s report will be better!

Day 70 – Just relax…

Extra Fat: GTFOPretty sure my weight is going to be up tomorrow, and that my body is trying hard to plateau. This sucks because it feels so soon since my last plateau. But I’m reminding myself that as long as I’m doing things right, my body will work everything out in the end.

When I went to Paris I was able to drop 10 pounds before I left. Over the course of the school year, I dropped another 20 without even trying. Thing is, I remember that I was trying during the first semester. I didn’t have a scale, so I don’t know exactly how much I lost when, but it seemed like it really wasn’t going anywhere from August through the holidays.

After December, though, it felt like the weight just melted off. I might have been walking some more than during the first semester, but I stopped fretting about what I ate. I still tried to be healthy, but I had a pizza every other week or so. I drank wine all the time. I just…relaxed.

And then I had to buy new clothes when the spring came because the stuff I brought with me was too big.

That’s not to say I should relax too much, eat whatever I want (even if that includes a pint of Ben & Jerry’s every night), and stop exercising. Quite the opposite. I’m still focusing on the exercise. If anything, I probably need to eat more since I had originally calculated my AMR (Active Metabolic Rate) before I turned up the intensity of my workout. Of course I want to still eat healthy foods, like having an apple instead of a sweet granola bar. But I don’t want to scrutinize every bite of food I have, and I don’t want to be neurotic about the scale.

I WANT to be able to drop a size or two before BlizzCon…I’m still working toward that goal. But I also need to remember to relax. I feel like right now my body is doing its “shift” thing again, going through a cycle of building muscle and still soon flip to melting fat. And you know, even if I don’t lose those two sizes–even if I only lose 1 or who knows what else can happen–I just need to remember that it took about 5 months of my body not really budging when I first got to Paris, and then the next 5 months I slimmed down dramatically. I’m about 3 months in right now, I’ve lost some weight, I’ve put on a lot of muscle and it’s obvious my body is changing. My arms! My legs! Even doing planks and stability ball exercises have gotten easier, so obviously my core has suddenly strengthened up!

So yeah…this is not the time to get discouraged. This is the time to just take it one day at a time, do what I need to do, and as long as I keep at it, my body WILL catch up.

Day 69 – Catching up

I'm fifty fucking two and will rock this dressI know I haven’t written in a few days. Such is the way of the birthday weekend. I didn’t do so well on the eating front, but I DID continue to get in my exercise, even when StupidBrain was doing everything it could to convince me that I deserved the weekend off. Maybe so, but October is a weekend closer now, and I wasn’t about to let opportunity to get in shape pass by on a whim.

To recap:

Friday we did a birthday dinner at the Melting Pot. Mmmm…fondue! It was expensive, sure, and it was sinfully delicious. Definitely worth it!

Saturday and Sunday we behaved. Saturday’s dinner consisted of the PF Chang’s Beef and Broccoli that you get in the freezer section of the grocery store. Not quite as good as at the restaurant, but it hit the spot. Sunday was a tilapia and salad day. It’s funny how there are days I just REALLY don’t want a salad…I’m a bit salad’ed out right now. And yet when I ate it, it tasted SO good.

Yesterday was my actual birthday, so we went out to our favorite pizza place. Yes, I had pizza! And wings! And TWO beers! Then came home and instead of getting a cake, I had a Rolo McFlurry. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY, DAMMIT!

Considering I did a helluva workout earlier yesterday, I certainly could consume some extra calories.

Admittedly, the weight isn’t coming off as fast as I would like, but at 1 pound per week, at least it means that I should be exactly where I want to be by my next birthday. And I can deal with that.

No “Yesterday” summary since I summed it up already. XD

Day 65 – Making Myself

Make YourselfIt sounds self-centered, but when you stop thinking about “Losing weight for someone/thing else” you realize you’re doing it for YOU. And that’s okay. There are days when I feel disappointed that I don’t get any hits to this blog, but then I think, “But…I’m not writing for anyone else. I’m writing to keep MYSELF on track. I made a promise to MYSELF, and I’m worth keeping that promise!”

I AM worth it. It IS in my control. I WILL reach my goals.

And just for interest’s sake, here’s a questionnaire I found.

  1. your stats: cw: 173.8, ugw: 120-ish
  2. height? 5 ft 5 | do you like it? I wish I was taller. =/ 
  3. thinspiration picture? No specific one, but I love Nike’s marketing.
  4. fears of weightloss? No fears, just impatience. 
  5. why are you losing weight? Simply put: I need to.
  6. do you binge? Not really.
  7. do your parents know? Both my parents are deceased, but they supported me losing weight when they were alive and I needed it. (Didn’t always need it…that’s the frustrating part.)
  8. your workout routine? Strength training 5 days per week. But it’s a program that gets the heart rate up. I do extra cardio if I get done within an hour.
  9. people ever make bad comments about your weight? Not to my face, but I remember once when I went to a bar for my birthday (and I weighed in around 130 and wore a size 5/6) there were some guys behind me and my friends checking us out. The “wingmen” apparently told the guy to talk to me, and he said, “Ah, she’s kinda cute, but her hips are wide.” I nearly turned around and belted him. My hips might be wide, and I might not have the androgynous boy-body of a 14-year-old…but I assure you I could have done things to him that would have made him see stars. HIS LOSS.
  10. what was the hardest things you gave up for your weightloss? Processed carbs for EVERY meal. Cereal for breakfast, granola bars for snacks, rice for lunch, and pasta/bread for dinner. I still allow them, but healthier versions and MUCH healthier portions. 
  11. fave thinspo blog and why? I don’t like thinspo
  12. what do you eat normally? I don’t really have a “normally” way of eating. I’ll do eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, lean protein and veggies for lunch and dinner (or a sandwich for lunch if I eat it after my workout), and try to fill in other meals with protein shakes, fruits, snackable veggies, and other easy-to-grab foods that are good for me.
  13. are you losing weight in a healthy or unhealthy way? HEALTHY! At least, trying to!
  14. your ugw? 120 lbs, based on how I was when I was in college and got back from Paris. But I might go higher depending on how my body is looking when I get closer to goal. I’m not 20 years old anymore. | when you expect to reach it? I’m not sure, but definitely by my next birthday. 
  15. are you vegan or vegetarian? No. 
  16. when you decided to lose weight? When haven’t I? But I started this last year around BlizzCon time, and although I got off plan around the holidays I started again in mid-April.
  17. do you have an eating disorder?  Not that I know of.
  18. what food is your weakness? Sushi! 
  19. when was the last time you ate fast food? Ummm…last week? I think I had a few fast food salads. And the last BAD fast food was the day I got my hair cut, but that was a treat day anyway.
  20. favourite diet? I just eat healthy, or try to. 
  21. your clothing size? Size 12 jeans, medium/large tops.
  22. do you want a gap?  I don’t recall ever having one, even when I was at my thinnest, but I wouldn’t say no if it happens.
  23. how do you feel about being around food? Food isn’t the enemy.
  24. 10 facts about you? 1. I’m a gamer (duh) 2. I am half Finnish and half German 3. I had pet rats and budgies (I miss them!) 4. I lived in Paris for a year 5. I was a coxswain in crew 6. I was a French major and have forgotten most of my vocabulary 7. I played flute and piccolo through college 8. I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 12, and got my navel pierced after college 9. I want a Yorkie 10. I have a terrible fear of heights.

There you go!

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Day 64 – Weigh-in #9

Weekly Weigh InI’ve mentioned I weigh myself daily because I like to track EVERYTHING. It helps me figure out if I have any potential food allergies, if I’ve had too much salt, not enough water, etc.

Yesterday my scale said I lost 1.6 pounds. Today, it decided that it lied and I only lost half that amount. BUT, I’m not upset! That’s still an 0.8 pound loss! I’m guessing I didn’t have the scale on a completely flat surface. There’s a spot on my bathroom floor that’s uneven, so I think it had a foot there.

That’s okay. I am still happy with my loss and will aim high this week!

Challenges last week were mostly in regards to getting enough food. I REALLY got focused on my homework since it was the last week of my database class, so there were a few days where I should have eaten more. I ate *just enough*, but barely. I also need to get back to salads. But I’ll be honest, I hate salads. Getting in more oatmeal was good, though. I really enjoyed the baked oatmeal recipe, and also learned how to cook Cornish Hens.

My challenge this week will be the fact that my birthday is on Monday. I suspect there will be some rich meals and desserts, but I am determined to do this…and that’s more important to me than a second slice of cake!

There were also non-scale successes! I put on my size 10 jeans and buttoned/zipped them easily! They’re still a little tight, but the same kind of tightness that my 12’s were when I started. I then put on my 14’s and was able to pull those off without unbuttoning them!

I also was happy to graduate from on-my-knees push-ups to on-my-toes push-ups. And my workout yesterday was a little easy…I need to add more weight to my bar and dumbbells. Pretty exciting!

I can’t wait to see what this week brings!

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Day 63 – Some things that get me pumped up

Hans And FranzThe one complaint that I have about working out is that, from preparation to end, it can take me up to 2 1/2 hours. I procrastinate. I drag my feet. I whine at putting on my workout clothes and wetting down the sensor strip to my Polar sports bra. I hate having to figure out what equipment I need for the day, setting the weights, and moving it to the right location in the apartment. Even during the workout, I want to pause between sets and check Twitter or text messages. And when I’m done, I drag my feet again to put my equipment away and make a healthy post-workout meal.

I DO like working out once I’m in motion. It’s the getting into motion that’s a pain.

So here are a few things I watch/listen to that help keep me going:

Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2: This isn’t the greatest montage, but the mix of “normal” and “superhero” scenes get me going. I want to look like that. And I won’t look like that by sitting on my butt. (A friend pointed out that this is the perfect video for my Blood Elf rogue…publicly, she’s a paper-pushing yet shrewd merchant. Secretly she’s a cold-blooded killer. And she looks like Black Widow, too. XD) Anyway, this song and video of Scarlett Johansson walking are all I need to finish getting ready.

Some songs I threw onto Dropbox so I have them on my phone or iPad and can listen to them when I need a boost (in no particular order):

Girl U Want by Devo (from the Tank Girl soundtrack): “She’s just the girl…she’s just the girl…the girl you want!” That’s what I want to be, right? Although when I’m hot and sweaty to the point where I have beads of sweat rolling down my face, these lyrics make me giggle: “She sends out an aroma of undefined lust. It drips on down in a mist from above…” LAWL RIGHT. I know a lot of people don’t like, hate, or just don’t get this movie, but I love it. It reminds me of my pencil-and-paper roleplaying days. Tank Girl was my group’s go-to movie to put on in the background when we were gaming. It was our kind of humor.

Disco Science by Mirwais: Back in 2001 this song was used in a Victoria’s Secret commercial and was on our house music soundtrack when I worked at Express. I always caught myself dancing along to it while on the store floor, and to this day it makes me dance.

My Body ft. Ozruk by MrVoletron: I mentioned this one before, but I think MrVoletron did an awesome job on this mix. “FEEL THE STRENGTH OF MY BODY!”

Super Girl by Saving Jane: This is one of my theme songs when I’m playing Aili. This workout is making me feel like a super girl. /FLEX

Songify this: “Winning, a song by Charlie Sheen”: This just makes me giggle, but come on! When you’re pumping out a workout it feels good to hear, “I’m a total fricking rockstar from Mars! (WINNING!) Come on bro, I got tiger blood! (WINNING!)” When you need to get through a short burst, it helps to hear, “I have one gear: GO! (WINNING!)”

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Day 62 – How ya doin’, Champ?

This budgie is named Champ. No, he’s not my budgie. His owner is very lucky to have such an adorable little guy.

But (ignoring the fact that Champ is trying to mate with the tennis ball) this is a good visual representation of what it looks like when I’m trying to do stability ball exercises.

Stability ball jack-knife? One…two…three….fourthenfalldown.

Plank twists? I can usually get up to ten…thenfalldown.

Mountain climbers? HAHAHA, usually two or three THENFALLDOWN.

I know most of it is my core strength. Hey, I’m working on it! And there’s a portion that is due to my ball. Originally I think I had it a bit over-inflated. I let out some air, and exercises went from nigh-impossible to a little better. So I let out some more air. Even better, but not quite there yet. Let out some more air, and got really close to perfection. Let out a little more air…and suddenly it was as bad as before. *sigh* Time to dig out the pump and start over….

Even still, I can tell I’m getting a little better every day. Someday I’ll be able to do these exercises with hardly a thought to the balance aspect and will instead be able to crank out the crunches. While today’s workout was focused on the stomach and core, and I feel like I was pretty merciless (in that good way) on my midsection, I also feel like I did some MAJOR work on my arms and shoulders since a lot of these were plank-based exercises in a push-up position on a decline. And my arms and shoulders are getting better too! Once again, I did all my push-ups on my toes rather than on my knees. SURE, they were supposed to be burpees, but two weeks ago I could only force out bent-knee push-ups.

Originally I was going to do this program for four weeks. I’m in week 3, and I think I’m going to push it out an extra 2 for a total of 6 weeks. I’ve made a lot of progress…my plan is that for week 6 I’ll be able to do EVERY move correctly with little to no modification. That will also give me a little more time to figure out what I’m going to do AFTERWARD. P90X, maybe? XD


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