Day 48 – Planks will be the death of me

Triceps and AbsAgain, I’m glad I started with the 100/200/200 program. My core is NOT as strong as it should be. My lower back was KILLING me this morning, which is an indication of two things: Not enough core strength, and not enough flexibility in the hips. Believe me, several trips to the chiropractor a few years ago diagnosed this as my issue (not to mention a mild scoliosis in my lumbar area), so I know that what I need to do after every workout is include a GOOD stretch to make sure those muscles don’t lock up.

Right now I feel like I’m soaking in Icy Hot (or Ben Gay or Aspercreme or whatever), which is not pleasant after a walk in 90+ degree weather. But my muscles feel better, and hopefully today’s workout will have pushed the lactic acid through my system enough that I finally move on from the “OH GOD OW!” stage to the “That’s a pleasant soreness and makes me want to do more!” stage.

As long as I take care of my back these next few days as I build up my core strength, I should be okay. On the plus side, I DID say that I was going to pair this fitness program with more stretching and flexibility exercises. It’s just that now I realize I’ll be doing it out of necessity rather than just interest!


My stomach was feeling upset pretty much all day after eating so much the night before. Lots of calories? Grease? Being stuffed? Yeah, not a happy tummy. It made me not eat as much as I should have, but I made sure that I was taking supplements like a multi-vitamin and BCAA’s (branch-chain amino acids) as well as my protein shakes to make sure that I at least had nutrients until my stomach could handle solid foods.

Meal #1:
1/2 c Egg whites
8 oz. V8

Meal #2:
1 scoop protein powder
1/4 cup greek yogurt
4 oz. peaches in juice
1/4c diet V8 splash

Meal #3:
1 tilapia fillet
2 c spinach
1/8 c shredded low-fat sharp cheddar cheese
2 tbsp salsa verde

3 Liters

Exercise: While this program has a focus for each day, it hits more than just the stated body part. To put it into perspective, this day targeted the legs and thighs, but in a little over an hour I burned over 800 calories.
Full Body Strength program – Legs and thighs

7 hours

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  1. PLANKS!!!

    It seems no matter how many months I spent getting into shape, this cursed position will forever be my mortal enemy!

    Think I may have missed where you mentioned what the new program you’re doing is – I’d like to check it out if you’ve got a link! 🙂

    • Oh man, I don’t know if it’s the feeling that you’re going to break an ankle or the need for shoulder strength or WHAT, but I hate that damn move! While I’m sorry you have a tough time with them too, I’m glad I’m not the only one. Why do all of the gurus in the exercise guides make them look so easy?!

      As for new program, I put a lot of it together based off of things I’m finding all over the place. Like on Tumblr, people have posted scans of magazine pages of different workouts. “Get your backside bikini ready for summer!” type articles from various teen and Shape, and Women’s Health/Fitness, and even Cosmo-like magazines. Also been doing a lot of research on the types of workouts that fitness models use. So I’ve paired a lot of that up with workouts that I did in crew, along with exercises from (using their fitness program generator as a base) to make 5 days of targeted exercises. Basically 4 circuits of 3 exercises, each circuit is done 3 times, and the first exercise targets the focused body part hardest. Still kinda in the experimental phase right now…doing those lunges SEEMED like a good idea on Monday for a leg workout, but I might have to back them off a bit and spread those out.

      If I can get this worked out, I’ll be happy to post! =)

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