Day 47 – No time for a holiday!

Do What You Decide To DoI started my new fitness program today, and I think I kicked my own ass! Normally I would be frightened of the next couple of weeks, but I’m actually looking forward to this. I do have to say that I’m glad I started with the 100/200/200 and Boot Camp programs. I thought they helped me get into pretty good shape. Wow! I can’t imagine how I’d be feeling right now if I hadn’t started with those! Despite all those squats I did, today’s program was focused on the legs and thighs, and I still feel like my legs are made of Jello right now.

Mmm…Jello. I have Jello in the pantry to be made later…


I have discovered that my left leg is still significantly weaker than my right leg. So I’m going to be focusing on that to get it balanced out. I don’t like the feeling of doing lunges and being worried about tipping over from going too far down on a knee or ankle that can’t support it.

My plan is to go through this program for 4 weeks, maybe up to 6. It’s interesting to think about that and realize that I may do the workout I just went through only 3 more times this round, 5 at the most. Put into those terms, this should be an amazing month for a body transformation.


Ahhh, the day off. I had homework to finish, and then we went out to dinner at our favorite pizza place. I felt it today, too. My stomach was NOT happy with me for putting in so much rich food that I’m not used to. Again, I have no regrets doing it (especially since I believe you need to have meals like that on occasion to reset your metabolism), but it’s a reminder of why you should take things in moderation!

Meal #1:
1 egg
1/4 cup egg whites
1/8 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
2 tbsp salsa verde
6 oz. low sodium V8

Meal #2:
2 light all-beef frankfurters (Boar’s Head brand)
2 whole wheat buns
2 tbsp sugar free ketchup
2 tbsp hot dog chili
1/2 c Bush’s original baked beans

Meal #3: Despite being a “small,” the pizza was larger than I wanted, but I also didn’t want to bring home leftovers, and no one wanted to split. I had to choke down that last slice.
6 chicken wings with sweet chili sauce
1 small (personal) pizza with pepperoni and pineapple
3 Strongbow ciders (we got a pitcher)

1 Reese’s PB Cup ice cream bar

2 liters

Day off

7 hours

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