Day 46 – “You’re looking good, by the way…”

SatsThe title were words said to me by a guildmate tonight. *cue dancing with happiness*

Okay, backing up now…

Today was my treat day. Well, I got started a little early (*cough*yesterday*cough*) but it IS the holiday weekend. Tomorrow is the start of my new fitness program, and we had a guildie (Q) come down to visit tonight, and he stayed with another guildie (G). We went to our favorite pizza place (yes, PIZZA!) and drank cider, ate wings and pizza, and talked WoW for several hours. It was wonderful. ^_^

As we were parting ways, G said those words to me. “You’re looking good, by the way!”

Before anyone thinks anything funny about this, G said that as a friend, not as a flirt. XD It was a genuine compliment.

But it still made my night.

Tomorrow I start kicking my ass until it hurts again. I can’t wait!

Yesterday’s results…

I didn’t do so well on the food front because I was head-down over a research paper for school all day. Well, all day after my workout because it took me FOREVER to get the energy to do it. So ONCE AGAIN I basically didn’t even think about food until I was hungry…and by then it’s usually too late. Ugh. Didn’t help that I slept in. >.>

Meal #1:
1 egg
1/4 c egg whites
1/8 c low fat sharp cheddar
2 tbsp salsa verde

Meal #2:
1 Luna Protein bar
8 oz. low sodium V8

Meal #3: Hot dogs for Memorial Day – this is a really heavy meal, but consider this…I used to eat like this for lunch AND dinner!
2 Boar’s Head light all-beef frankfurters
2  whole wheat buns
2 tbsp chili
2 tbsp no-sugar ketchup
1/2 c Bush’s original baked beans
1 Yuengling beer

1 Reese’s Peanut Butter ice cream treat (like a Klondike bar, but with Reese’s PB flavor ice cream and PB chunks in it…Reese’s PB cups are my weakness…)

3 Liters

Spark People Boot Camp Video #6 x2 – Butt workout
Spark People Boot Camp Video #7 x2 – Upper Body with resistance band
Stationary Bike – 35 minutes

7 hours

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