Day 45 – Something something something Dark Side

dunwannaAfter yesterday’s “OMG I DID IT!” announcement, I kinda got nothing today. Still need to do my workout, which will be my last Spark People Boot Camp day. Other than that? I feel “Meh.” Tomorrow is my recovery day for exercise, but also plans for a treat meal (pizza, wings, and beer) with friends.

I have homework to do. I want to re-color my hair, but I desperately need a haircut and I’ll pay for the convenience to have it professionally colored for a change (which I do once or twice a year…most of the time color it myself). I don’t WANT to get up and do my workout. I know I WILL do it, but I’m gonna be groaning and complaining the whole time.

I’d much rather just go back to bed for the whole day.

…and pretty sure this entire post is my period talking.



Meal #1:
1 egg
1/4 c egg whites
1/8 c low fat sharp cheddar cheese
2 tbsp salsa verde

Meal #2:
Pork mini-loaf
1 medium white potato
6 oz. low sodium V8

Meal #3:
1 salmon fillet
1/2 c quinoa
2 c spinach salad w/ salsa verde and shredded cheese

Meal #4:
1 Luna Protein bar
1 apple

3 Liters

Week 6, Day 3 100/200/200 – Total of 245 push-ups, 378 crunches, 331 squats over 9 sets

7 hours

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