Day 43 – Weigh-in #6

Weekly Weigh InWell, it was as I expected. I went up this week. 176.4 this morning. I added 0.6 pounds since last week’s dramatic loss. Possibly less, as my scale was going “ehhhhh…” between 176.0 and 176.4. Silly digital scales. But hey, that’s still a loss of 2 pounds over the past 2 weeks.

But I was right about something: Got my period. It’s still light and spotty, so I’ll probably see this “gain” for a few more days. Bodies are silly. Have a happy period, indeed. I’m willing to bet that this extra weight will be gone by Sunday.

I’m also going over any other reasons for this. My exercise is good. I aim for burning 500 calories per day, and have been successful according to my heart rate monitor. So I should be burning off a pound per week. My food, on the other hand, tends to the low side. It’s not an eating disorder–I’m absolutely NOT anorexic. I just tend to forget to eat, and when I do, my concern is less about my food but getting back to doing what needs to get done. I blame years of working retail where most of your half hour meal break is spent trying to dodge customers who all find YOU at the moment you clock out, trying to get something to eat, scarfing it down in the break room with co-workers constantly asking you to do your work for them, and jumping up to answer the back door when the delivery guy shows up. Those habits were reinforced in my office job in which I always seemed to have one more thing to finish, one more line of code to fix, or one more email to send before running off to a meeting. So while I’m eating well now, I think I could stand to eat more because my metabolism is going, “LAWL NO!” at me.

This coming week, I’m going to add in more than one treat meal/day. We have a dinner planned for Sunday when a beloved guildie is coming down to see us, so I’m going to make that my starting point. I was planning to start my strength-focused workout on Monday anyway, so the next few days will be all about clarifying those plans. Instead of 1 treat meal per week, I’m going to aim for one every 5 days…so it’s not quite twice a week, every week, but it’s a little more often to help reset my body. Perhaps even make it a little more than a treat meal on those days. When my guildies and I did the Game On! diet plan, we had a full day off of “eating right” AS WELL AS an extra treat meal. The other days will be “bulked out” a little more…I really have enjoyed making protein shakes, so using that to get in some more nutrition throughout the day should help quite a bit.

Last point of interest: I found my USB cord to connect my camera to my computer, and I uploaded the pics I took at the beginning of the month. I also took pics of myself today wearing the same thing and from the same angles. Sorry, no, not gonna share them with the public just yet (O HAI, BEING SELF-CONSCIOUS!), but it’s nice to see a significant difference in just 4-5 pounds. It’s a tool I want to use for myself to keep myself motivated. When I lose more, I might post them. Maybe. But please don’t hold your breath. XD

Next week will be better, I promise!

As for yesterday….

Meal #1: I had one half of this shake for breakfast, then saved the other half for a dessert. Worked out well.
2 scoops protein powder
1/4 c plain Greek yogurt
1/2 c 1% milk
2 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp chocolate syrup

Meal #2: Post-workout meal
1 egg
1/4 sheet of nori
1 slice Pepperidge Farms whole grain white bread
~2 tsp olive oil
1 apple

Meal #3:
1/6 turkey quinoa meatloaf
2 c baby spinach
1/4 bell pepper
1/8 c shredded low-fat sharp cheddar cheese

Meal #4:
Other half of Meal #1’s shake

3 Liters

Exercise: I skipped the Boot Camp videos and planned to save them for today (Thursday) instead.
Week 6, Day 2 100/200/200: Total of 215 push-ups, 324 crunches, 290 squats over 9 sets
Stationary bike: 20 minutes

Sleep: Including power-nap
7 hours

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