Day 40 – Cankles: A BlizzCon Story

CanklesFor those who don’t know, when people talk about “cankles” they mean that a person’s leg looks like the foot is attached to the leg without a defined ankle. Or as definition #2 on Urban Dictionary put it so succinctly, “A reference to a pair of legs that have no defined end of the calf area as well as no defined beginning of the ankle area. Does not only refer to fatty legs, simply shapeless legs.” They are not just a “fat person’s problem,” but are also seen on people who have no tone in their legs, or on people who have swelling in the legs for one reason or another.

I’ve been lucky most of my life. Up until recently, I’ve always had skinny legs. My knees always looked a bit knobby, but I did like my lower legs and “athletic ankle.”

Until last BlizzCon.

I’m not sure what it was: the walking, the rich foods (the restaurant at the Hilton is SOOOOO GOOD!), more salt than I was used to, less water than I was used to, the flying…. It was probably a case of “all of the above.” I just remember that we took a red-eye flight home, I took off my sneakers and socks, and was shocked at how swollen my ankles were. It took several DAYS for the swelling to go down, and even after that I don’t feel my ankles looked as shapely as before.

…things are changing.

If anything this diet and exercise plan has done, it’s helped improve the shape of my legs. By watching my diet, I’m eliminating the extra salt that would give me that swollen look. By drinking more water, I’m flushing out the excess and reducing bloating. Exercise helps in many ways: toning the legs, reducing fat, and increasing circulation. The overall effect is that my lower legs have significantly slimmed down, just through healthy habits.

I’m pleased with the way things are going. I can wear a skirt that disguises my thighs (ugh!), but still show off my lower legs. I always expect some discomfort when I come back from BlizzCon–traveling does that to you–but this year I REFUSE to have such painful, swollen cankles when I can do something about it!

Yesterday’s report….

I have a hard time getting in enough food on weekends, especially Sundays, when I”m head-down over homework all day. =/ Need to focus on that a bit more.

Meal #1:
Luna Protein Bar
1 medium apple

Meal #2:
1 pork mini-meatloaf
3 oz. baby carrots

Meal #3:
4+ oz. tilapia fillet
1 1/2 cup broccoli

The rest of my Skittles. >.>

3 Liters

Recovery Day!

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