Day 38 – OH GOD, MORE MOTIVATION! (Part 2)


In 5 months I’ll be at BlizzCon again!

…in 5 months, I need to slim down as much as possible! O.O

Okay, I can do this. That’s 21 weeks to work it off (before the actual convention). 2 pounds per week is tough, but doable. I expect plateaus, so I might not be able to drop 40 pounds in that time. But while I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t drop 2 pounds per week, I also will make that my goal and aim for it every time. There are no set backs. There is just one week after the next, and every day is a reason to keep going. No excuses…full steam ahead!

What I would like to do is have enough time to make a costume this year. I have the fabric for three costumes, but 2 are midriff-baring. I don’t know what the status will be on my abs to make those look all right. XD The the other one is possible. We’ll have to see how I’m feeling about sewing by then.

But right now? This is me: Kermit Flail

Whew! Okay. Now’s time to focus. Homework and workout on the agenda for today.

But first, yesterday’s report….

Yesterday was Ktok’s birthday, so we went to dinner and a movie. I planned for it, though, and made it my week’s treat meal! The downside to the treat meal? I woke up today just BURNING UP because my metabolism kicked into high gear.

Meal #1:
1 egg
1/4 egg white
2 pc. turkey bacon

Meal #2: This was my post-workout meal, ergo the potato.
Pork mini-meatloaf
2 c spring mix
1/3 cup strawberries
1 small white potato

Meal #3: We went out to dinner to celebrate Ktok’s birthday. I planned for this to be a treat meal, so I enjoyed it!
1 beer (Fat Tire) – I forgot to ask the size. 16 oz? I followed it with water
1/2 Lobster Spinach Queso
7 oz. filet mignon
1 serving steak fries (Surprisingly small serving. Just enough to hit the spot.)
1/2 brownie a la mode with fudge and salted caramel sauces (This wasn’t small, but it wasn’t huge either. Smallest scoop of ice cream I’d ever seen, though.)

Snack: We went to see Thor after dinner. Loved the movie. Shocked at myself that I didn’t finish my Skittles, but I guess that means I have the other half of the bag for my treat meal next week! (I LOVE Skittles – and while I know it’s best to just avoid snacks at movies, I wanted to have something to nibble. Avoided sodas, though.)
1/2 movie theater-size bag of Skittles

Water: I finished my water bottle twice, plus had some water at dinner and around bedtime
2+ Liters

Week 5, Day 3  100/200/200: Total of 175 push-ups, 261 crunches, 233 squats in 8 sets.
Spark People Boot Camp Video #6 x2 – Butt workout

7 hours

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