Quick confession

Exercise: Some Motivation RequiredI HATE exercise!

I hate how it can hurt.

I hate being sweaty and sticky.

I hate being smelly.

I hate how my very-fair skinned and rosacea-prone face turns tomato-red and I fear a flare-up.

I hate those days after you really push yourself you can be sore.

I hate dieting too!

I hate salads! HATE them!

I hate having to turn down pizza and french fries and ice cream.

I hate drinking a ton of water and needing to pee all the time.

There are a lot of things I hate about all this!

But you know what I hate more?









I hate that feeling I get when I look at some pretty clothes and I know I can’t fit into them or they won’t look flattering on me.

I hate feeling dumpy and out of shape.

I hate being out of breath after a walk to the store or climbing the flight of stairs to my apartment.

I hate looking into the mirror and being unhappy with myself.

Despite hating all those things that are required to get in shape and lose weight, I hate these things even more.

That’s what drives me to finish that last set of push-ups, or turn down the fried chicken and have a salad instead. Somehow, gritting my teeth and launching into my last set of push-ups is a better option to looking in the mirror and hating myself for NOT doing it.

That’s what keeps me going, even when I want to stop.

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