Day 32 – It’s okay, really!

Faire du lèche-vitrinesI have a feeling I’m going to “put on weight” tomorrow. Why? I had pizza for dinner tonight. Mmmm…pizza! I know, I know, “But Aili! I thought you were sticking to your diet pretty hardcore!” Oh believe me, I still am. You wanna know a secret?

Every diet needs a “treat meal” at least once a week. I’ve gone for about two weeks without that kind of treat now.

There’s the psychological reason: You don’t want to burn yourself out and feel like you’re depriving yourself of the foods you love. After all, it’s kinda the fact that I love those foods that got me here in the first place! The treat meal is something to look forward to. And you also don’t want to feel like all your friends are eating these wonderful things in front of you while you poke at a limp salad. Being careful about what you eat your portions will help you get through the treat meal, but you still get to enjoy it. After all, this is a lifestyle change not a punishment, right?

Then there’s the biological reason: Your body is hard-wired to make sure you don’t starve yourself to death. Sure, YOU know that you’re dieting and not starving, but your body is a scared, nervous, hypersensitive creature. The first day you go on a diet, your body’s like, “La la la, it’s okay, burn some extra fat, we’ll gorge tomorrow! ^_^” By the time you get to the end of the week of a diet, your body has gotten anxious: “Oh god…we haven’t had a lot of food this week! Is there a drought? Are we stranded in Siberia? Is it nuclear winter? Oh geez, what do we do?! I know, I’ll start nomming on muscle tissue instead. Then we’ll be less likely to move, and still insulated in a nice thick layer of fat to get us through those cold desert nights, and maybe Bear Grylls (who is OBVIOUSLY the only other human alive in the world in this nuclear winter) will find us and rescue us…and hopefully not eat us, and if he does, well, I have this nice layer of fat to use as emergency reserves of energy to run away!” And so your body starts changing up the hormones flooding into your system, making emergency reserves of fat and nomming on your muscle mass. You lose weight, but your body (STUPID BODY!) starts looking gaunt and unhealthy, despite being covered in a layer of fat.

And no one wants that.

So every so often, about once a week, you really SHOULD get in a treat meal. Now, you shouldn’t eat a week’s worth of calories and carbs and fats and trans fats and all that other stuff in one sitting, but you do need to indulge. Give your body some extra calories. Feed it more bready carbs. Feed it more fats. Again, I had pizza. And wings! It’s enough to signal my body that it’s okay to come out of this emergency starvation state and go back to burning fat. Really, there is no shortage!

So maybe I will see a slight gain in weight tomorrow. I know that my body is better off this way and will go back to burning more fat. And mentally I’ll feel better too!

Yesterday’s results….

Meal #1:
1 egg
1/4 c egg white
1/4 bell pepper
1 green onion
1/4 c shredded low fat sharp cheddar cheese

Meal #2:
4 oz. tilapia
2 c spinach
1 tbsp raspberry vinaigrette

Meal #3:
1/6 turkey meatloaf
Salad:  2 c spinach
1/2 baby cucumber
3 strawberry tomatoes
2 oz. pineapple tidbits
2 oz. mandarin oranges
1/2 avocado

Snack #1:
90 cal Twix ice cream bar

Snack #2:
Sugar free chocolate pudding
2 tbsp fat free Reddi-Whip

3 Liters

Spark People Boot Camp video #7 x 2
Stationary bike (moderate) – 1 hour

7 hours

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