Day 30 – Earning my body

I’ve been talking to Ktok’s sister, Krystal, lately about her wedding as well as diet and exercise. The girl is an actress and a model. She’s gorgeous, trust me. I know some people with a gorgeous future-sister-in-law would be jealous and turn it into a rivalry. Thing is, I know that while she’s been thin for as long as I’ve known her, she’s earned that body.

Even when we go up to visit for the holidays, she’ll hop on the treadmill or pop in a workout video and exercise. I’ve seen the portions she eats. Her mom cooks Southern country foods, so Krystal eats smaller portions. (Except for holiday meals like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner…trust me, we GORGE ourselves!) In her line of work, she has to remain mindful of her body.

There are some people like her who are blessedly naturally thin. There are some for whom being thin is a curse because they CAN’T put on weight no matter how hard they try, and they get upset when people accuse them of eating disorders. And then there are those of us who have to work for it if we want it.

I want it.

I want it bad.

And it requires more than just wishful thinking, and staring longingly at the exercise equipment that’s gathering dust in the corner while sticking your hand over and over into the potato chip bag.

Right now, I hurt. It’s the good hurt. The kind that you feel after a tough workout where you sweat and got your heart rate up and you feel like your body’s made out of Jell-o which makes you laugh as you try to lift your water bottle to your lips and end up spilling water down your front. I stepped on the scale today, and I’m down some more! I really am trying to not say how much here until the official Thursday weigh-in ;),  but I’m excited because I managed to drop enough of a fraction of a pound that I was able to add another paperclip to my weightloss paperclip chain.

I’m doing a lot of research and looking up new workouts when I finish the two programs I’m on now, and finding new recipes to try, and sampling new foods…I’m sure that in time I’ll feel like I know everything there is to know, I’ve eaten everything I’m able to eat, and I’ll hit a plateau. It happens. But through the blood (the occasional kitchen accident), sweat (lots of it!), and tears (YOU try getting through 33 consecutive pushups at the END of your workout when you weren’t very fit to begin with!), one thing that’s sticking with me is how bad I want this. I’ve seen what progress I’ve made so far, and it makes me determined to get through the next workout and do even BETTER!

And I’m going to do it! I’m going to EARN my body!

As for yesterday….

I feel like I should have squeezed in another meal, but my nutrition count came up all right on my nutrition tracker…even a little high on the protein, but not too bad. Dinner was not what I had originally planned, but time was short at the end of the day. It all worked out, though.

Meal #1: Cheese omelet with apple and veggie juice
1 egg
1/4 egg whites
2 low fat/reduced sodium string cheese
4 oz. V8 + Fiber
1 medium golden delicious apple

Meal #2: Post-workout smoothie
1/2 c plain Greek yogurt
1 scoop protein powder
2 teaspoons “Green Lightning”
4 oz. pineapple tidbits
4 oz. mandarin oranges
splash of V8 Splash Light (Tropical flavor)

Meal #3: The salmon wellington are pre-packaged frozen foods. They pack a lot of fat and calories for 1 piece, and each piece is supposed to serve 2. But the size of them really is about the size of an overstuffed Hot Pocket. Needless to say, between the flaky pastry crust and the fats, this goes on the list as a decadent “cheat meal.”
1 Salmon Wellington
Salad: 2 c spinach
1/2 c strawberries
3 strawberry tomatoes
1/2 baby cucumber
2 oz. mandarin oranges

1 90-cal. Twix ice cream bar

Walk to the store – Approx 30 minutes
SparkPeople Boot Camp Video #5 (2 times) – Pilates Abs workout
Stationary Bike  (moderate pace) – 45 minutes

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