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Day 29 – Weigh-in #4

Weekly Weigh InIt’s been a month. Let’s see how I did…

This past week I lost 1.8 pounds! That’s down 7.2 pounds total!

I’m 8.4 pounds away from my first milestone and reward! If I step it up just a little, I bet I can reach that BEFORE another 4 weeks are up!

My body fat percentage has dropped 2.0%!

My muscle mass has gone up 0.7%!

My body water has gone up 1.0%!

My bone mass has gone up 0.2%!

Yes, I know those measurements are probably not accurate and would be better measured with calipers and body scans and the like, but point being the measurements ARE going in the right direction and that’s what I’m looking for.

All this, and I have to admit the first two weeks weren’t so great because I was still trying to work things out and had the challenge of Getting Rid of the Junk FoodTM to deal with. I didn’t exercise the first week, and the second week I ate poorly as I focused TOO MUCH on the exercise.

Again, I wish I could find my tape measure because I know that my shape has been changing. My jeans feel much better (I’m not dying to take them off as soon as I get home…sometimes I even forget I’m wearing them) and my shirts are hanging a little nicer. I can squeeze into my Polar sports bra instead of having to wear the chest strap, and I expect that it will begin to feel better and better every week. Heck, I may have to add “Get a new Polar sports bra” to one of my milestone rewards! As I said yesterday, my legs and arms are feeling more solid, and I see those shadows of emerging muscles. If the fat was stripped away, they’d have the beginnings of a really nice shape right now. So I guess I gotta strip away that fat!

I’m doing better with the exercise. I am nowhere near being able to do 100 consecutive push-ups, 200 consecutive crunches, or 200 consecutive squats…but I’m closer to it than when I started! I’ll get there. And when I’m done this round, I think I’ll start over again with the push-ups, only on my toes.

October is in 5 months. That is the month of Blizzcon and Krystal’s wedding. I have 23 and 24 weeks respectively to drop what I can. I’m going to create a “2-Pound Challenge” again: make a goal of dropping 2 pounds per week (in a HEALTHY way, not taking extreme measures to do it!) and come up with small rewards if I succeed. For example, a song or app from iTunes would be a simple reward. If anyone else has ideas that are fairly cheap, but a reward (another idea is bath bombs), I’m all ears.

And this week’s challenge? While I’ve been getting enough sleep, I want to try to get up even earlier and see if I can get my workout in before lunch so I can have my allowed post-workout carbs for my lunchtime meal. The other challenge is that I’m now at 178.4, and for some reason 178 has ALWAYS been a plateau for me. I’m hoping to bust through this one before it becomes a plateau. I think that THIS time I’ll be waving goodbye to 178 before my next weigh-in.

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