Day 19 – Insert clever title here

SparkPeople Spring into Shape Bootcamp ChallengeIt’s Monday again, isn’t it? Blargh. I finished my classes for the last term yesterday, and a new term started today. Only one class this time.

I know it’s not weigh-in day yet, but I gotta admit, I’m not expecting much of a loss this week. We’ve been trying to get rid of the Easter candy, and that kinda hampers any dieting. On the plus side, I’m not seeing my weight go up, and the scale’s measurements for body fat % and muscle mass % are fluctuating in a positive manner. Muscle mass seems to be going up while body fat seems to be going down. If my weight isn’t changing, I can still handle this news. And I can feel it in my jeans and see it in the mirror, so I’m fine with this.

However, I found a couple of more structured workouts that I’m starting today (notably the “Spring into Shape Bootcamp Challenge” on SparkPeople) and making more menus for a fat-busting meal plan. It’s the beginning of May, so it’s time to kick it into high gear.

I do love that moment when I move my arm just right, or the light hits my legs just right, and I am beginning to see muscle definition again. It feels good. It makes me feel sexy. I love the way it looks. I have a long way to go, but I can do this!

But first, to get through the final bits of junk food…

…because yesterday was a Bad Day(TM). Oy. Spent the early part of the day finishing my final projects so I didn’t eat until all my class work was done. For my next meal, Ktok cooked a Very Large dinner. On the plus side, I wasn’t really hungry after that for a final meal, but we did have dessert. Again, I can’t wait until the junk food is out of the house, and then I’m not buying any more. I might have dessert at a restaurant as a treat, but no more in my house if I can help it. I remember losing a TON of weight my freshman year of college, and I only allowed myself 1 sweet thing per day (usually in the form of a lemon bar or Rice Krispie Treat), and I had to have a salad at some point in the day. With the exercise from the crew team, it worked.

Meal #1: This was more like a late lunch. See? Bad habit of starting work before I eat. I didn’t want to eat until I “solved the puzzle” that was my Javascript project. So it got pretty late before I actually ate.
1 egg
1 piece Pepperidge farm whole wheat bread (toasted)
~1 tbsp olive oil
2 pc. turkey bacon

Meal #2: BIG dinner
“Salisbury steak” flavored burger
1 c broccoli
1/2 c garlic mashed potatoes
1 hefeweizen

Meal #3: (Snack? How would you define “dessert”?)
2 1/2 scoops vanilla ice cream
~2 tbsp Dr. Pepper Cherry dessert topping

None. Sunday is my day off.

2 Liters

7+ hours

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