Day 18 – Last Day of April

Saturday Night--Raid?Yesterday’s progress would have been good if it didn’t start–and end–so late. I’m still “in recovery” from the lack of sleep on Friday which threw off my eating schedule. In addition, I spent the day doing homework, and when I’m presented with a Javascript problem, well, as I did before I tend to get so focused on it that it’s a miracle I remember to breathe.

The other downside? Raid night. I love raiding (especially since it’s our weekly Ulduar-for-Val’anyr-shards-and-then-TK-for-a-chance-at-a-firebudgie run) but if you don’t eat beforehand, then you’re pretty much screwed for the next three hours. Ktok said he was going to cook dinner since I’ve been cooking all week, but raid started before the meat was thawed. I grabbed some of my bento freezer stash mid-raid to keep myself going, but after raid I made an actual dinner. I was pretty proud that I resisted the siren’s call of fast food, especially at that point when I was really hungry.

Schoolwork kept me from exercising, so I’m disappointed in that. But I found some good exercise programs lately, and joined the “Spring Boot Camp” challenge on SparkPeople.

Right now I need to finish my Javascript assignment, and then my classes for this school period are DONE!

The nitty-gritty….

Meal #1:
1 egg
1 pc. Pepperidge Farm whole wheat bread (toasted)
~1 tbsp olive oil

Meal #2:
1 Activia Light Yogurt – Peach
1 Apple
3 oz. baby carrots

Meal #3:
1/2 c jasmine rice
1/3 c shoyu chicken

Meal #4:
1 whiting fillet
1/2 c broccoli
1 mango

Snacks: (At different times)
Peeps (Hey, gotta get rid of the Easter candy still!)
1 Black Russian (about 1/2 c total of milk, vodka, and chocolate syrup. Ktok brought it to me while I was grinding over my project)

None – Was not intending to take a day off, but was going to do 20 minutes.

Got all 3 liters in!

7+ hours

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