Day 17 – Got My Sushi On

Nemo SushiI love seafood. I seriously can’t get enough of it. One thing you’re going to see over the coming months is that if I can make a recipe that involves seafood, I will. A few nights ago we had whiting fillets sprinkled with Old Bay and broiled. I have a bag of shrimp and a bag of scallops in the freezer. I should have known that a relationship with a college boyfriend was DOOMED when he said he hated seafood “except for popcorn shrimp.”

I. Love. Seafood. Expect there to be seafood recipes posted here rather frequently.

We went for sushi last night for dinner because frankly, I wasn’t in the mood to cook. As much as I love all the fancy sushi rolls, I’m just as content with a plate of good nigiri when the fish is fresh and tasty and practically melts in your mouth. I love the simplicity of plain rolls, particularly salmon, when they’re rolled with the nori on the outside of the roll. Bigger sushi rolls does not always mean better.

The challenge? Skipping the extras. The place across the street has the best steamed gyoza and miso soup. We survived!

…then succumbed to the “Key Lime Calypso” which consisted of the fluffiest key lime flavored mousse layered with vanilla cake. It was fluffier and lighter than the fluffiest tiramisu. And I seriously mean fluffy! It was good. And thankfully, IT WAS SMALL. The amount I had was probably about the size of a pudding cup. This was A Good Thing.

I also managed to not eat after dinner last night. I was tempted. Oh boy, was I ever tempted. I really really wanted something to nom, but it got late. Yay for some willpower yesterday?

As for the rest of it….

Meal #1: Had this after watching the wedding and before taking a nap. I was not awake enough to even cook an egg, and had that sensation that I was going to need some protein. I hit to protein powder as a supplement. Usually I have it with smoothies.
Fiber One Oats ‘n Peanut Butter bar
1 scoop whey protein powder

Meal #2:
3/4 c Chocolate Cheerios
1/2 c milk

Meal #3:
1 serving (1/2 can) Chunky “Healthy Request” Clam Chowder
1 apple

Meal #4:
1 Spider #2 roll, 1/2 Volcano roll, 1/2 Nemo roll
2 pc salmon nigiri, 2 pc white tuna nigiri, 2 pc snow crab nigiri
1/2 bottle sake
1/2 “Key Lime Calypso”

2 liters – Not enough, but my sleep getting off-schedule affected my drinking habits too. I did have a glass of water with dinner, but the water wasn’t very good. I love our Brita filter.

Week 2, day 3 of the 100/200/200 program.
Total of 60 push-ups, 91 crunches, and 81 squats broken into 5 sets.

Not enough! I stayed/got up to watch the Royal Wedding, then got a few hours worth of a nap. I was pretty groggy most of the day. But honestly? I thought it was worth it!

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