Day 14 – Attack of the Cramps from Hell

CrampsActually, the day itself was pretty good, and it was only mid-raid that the cramps kicked in. I hate that time of the month. Point is, I need to add “Take a multivitamin” to my daily routine.

Food-wise, it’s good to get back on track. I made the Shoyu Chicken yesterday, so between that and the leftovers from the day before, cooking was really easy. I like being able to put together quick meals.

Exercise-wise, I’m stepping it up. I’m adding in 20 minutes of cardio to Tuesday and Thursday (and possibly Saturday) and will build up from there. I want to establish a routine so I don’t burn myself out.

With the exception of the excruciating pain at night, all thanks to my ovaries, it was a pretty simple day.

Meal #1:
1 oz. bran flakes cereal
1/2 c 1% milk
1 sm. Golden Delicious apple

Meal #2: Bento box! (See picture with my Shoyu Chicken recipe post)
1/2 cup jasmine rice
1/3 cup shoyu chicken
3 oz. baby carrots
1/2 baby cucumber
5 grape tomatoes

Meal #3:
1 chicken thigh
0.25 lb roast potatoes (~1 medium white potato)
1.5+ c steamed broccoli (I like broccoli)

Snacks: (At different times)
1/2 mango
Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg

All 3 liters in!

20+ minutes on the stationary bike. It was an easy-medium intensity ride since I was just getting started on that again. In the end, I certainly couldn’t sing, but holding a conversation wouldn’t be impossible.

7 hours

Since I’m making my daily post the day after to include everything, I REALLY want to write about today’s weigh-in…but I’ll save it for tomorrow. ^_^

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