Day 10

Brian screams at a baby...who deserves it.Due to the previous night’s inability to sleep, I did something I don’t often do: Took a Tylenol PM to help knock me out. It worked, but I hate the groggy feeling in the morning. I don’t drink caffeine, so it takes me a while to shake it off.

“Thankfully” the neighbor children decided to bounce themselves off the walls we share and scream like banshees, so the grogginess was quickly replaced with the urge to murder.

Then I did my workout and got a shower and felt MUCH better. ^_^

Today was rainy and grey, which I love when I don’t have a bunch of errands planned, so I began taking stock of what I have in the kitchen for healthy dieting.

Presently in the freezer I have packets of rice for bento lunches, a couple bags of frozen shrimp and scallops, a pound of ground pork, a pound of lean ground beef, frozen veggies, and a little bit of frozen fruit for smoothies.

The refrigerator has two more baby cucumbers, baby carrots, half an onion, one more romaine lettuce heart, milk, yogurt, eggs, and all kinds of sauces that I use for flavoring the meats.

I ate the last apple yesterday, and the last mango today. We’re down to a few slices of bread, too. I have cereal, oatmeal, whole-grain pastas, some more rice, and granola bars for a treat in the pantry.

All this said, a grocery store trip is required. I definitely need more fruit and salad fixin’s. Bread, eggs, and milk are staples.

Meal #1:
3/4 c Chocolate Cheerios
1/2 c 1% milk

Meal #2:
Pepperoni pizza Lean Pocket (Last one! =O )
1 fresh mango
3 oz. Baby carrots

Meal #3:
Steak Marsala – Ktok’s specialty, with mushrooms and fresh mozzarella.
Steamed snow peas
Garlic mashed potatoes

Red bean ice cream for dessert – mixed the last of the red bean paste with vanilla ice cream.

All 3 liters!

End of Week 1 of the 100/200/200 program!  Total today I did 42 push ups, 64 crunches, and 57 squats. These are broken into 5 sets, so obviously they’re not consecutive…yet. I WILL get there though!

As I mentioned above, I took some sleep aid last night. The grogginess wasn’t TOO bad, but when I don’t usually take any meds unless I’m genuinely sick, a little goes a long way. However, once I was asleep, I was OUT. It felt SO GOOD to sleep through the entire night without waking up or feeling anxiety keeping me awake.

Last weekend was spent with friends who came up to go to the Ren Faire and we ended up going out to dinner on Friday and Saturday. Despite tonight’s somewhat rich dinner, I have a feeling this weekend won’t be so much of a set back. I hope that this coming weigh-in will either be the last time I see 180, or I’ll be past it and into the 170’s.

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