Catching up, and Day 8

As I said in my first post, I actually started a week ago. I haven’t been able to get in 5 meals every day, and I just started adding in exercise. But with the exception of the weekend, I was able to get in all my water every day. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking, which is useful to build up a “freezer stash” of leftovers to use when you don’t have a lot of time…like raid night!

Yesterday and today were spent making Chinese Steamed Buns. I made them with pork meatballs (I could just brown the ground pork, but I find making the meat into meatballs makes putting the buns together go much faster) and with sweet red bean paste.

The steamed buns are great for dinner and lunch. Traditionally they’re for dim sum, but frankly they’re just so damn good that we eat them whenever I make them. I also like putting them into bento box lunches.

The downside to making them is they take up most of my day in preparation. Cooking them is really fun, but standing over the counter rolling out bits of dough can be tiring on the back.

But they ARE worth it!

As for the rest of my day…

Meal 1: I had a hard time sleeping, so I woke up a little late this morning (eh, about 10 am). I decided to skip breakfast since it was early enough for lunch once I got the bun dough prepared. Lunch was a bento box I prepared for myself (I made the same thing for Ktok):
6 small steamed buns with pork meatball filling
3 small steamed buns with sweet bean paste filling
~1 cup Romaine lettuce salad
1 serving of baby carrots
1/2 c fresh mango.

Meal 2: Occurred around 3 pm. I had to keep it small and quick since I was about to make the buns.
1 pepperoni pizza Lean Pocket
1 medium Cripps pink apple. I love these!

Snack 1: Buns were done, dinner was not yet ready. So Ktok and I had a few while they were fresh from the steamer when he got home from work. Not the healthiest, but could be worse, I’m sure.
1 small steamed bun with red bean paste filling
3 homemade Gingersnap cookies

Meal 3: Steamed buns for dinner!
6 pork steamed buns
4  red bean paste buns
Large salad with romaine lettuce and cucumbers.
Less than 1 tbsp Caesar salad dressing. I hate salad dressing. I like enough for flavor, not so much that it feels like lettuce soup.

We were done with dinner around 7:30. I was tempted for a snack, and if I got one it would be something like a small bowl of cereal. Just enough to hold me over. But I added up my foods on my tracking and came out just about where I needed to be. (Actually a little under for fats, but carbs and protein and calories were in the right place.)

Other stuff:

Exercise: Did Day 2 of the 100/200/200 programs. My chest HURTS from muscles I don’t use often. But it’s a good burn. My back is sore from being hunched over the kitchen counter to make the buns, too, but I didn’t let it stop me.

Water: Got all 3 liters in!

Sleep: Tossed and turned a bit this morning, but got in 7 hours.


Since today was Day 8, and I’d been on this program for a week, it was WEIGH-IN DAY.

I have one dilemma: I didn’t weigh myself on the day I started. Well, I did, but it was at night after I ate all my meals, drank all my water, and I was still wearing clothes. And technically, you could say I started the day before that, because that was when I decided I was going to start, and we had a big salad at Sooper! Salad! that night. So when I started last Wednesday, I already had a lot of roughage “doing its thing” on my system, and the water was helping me shed the bloats.

Long story short, I weighed in that night, and then again the next morning (after the water and roughage were “doing their thing”) showing a 2.8 pound difference between the two. Considering the, uh, “solid matter” that was passed, as well as shedding some water and weighing in without clothes on, that’s about right. Also, last weekend I had some friends up for the local Renaissance Faire, and we ate out on Friday and Saturday…fairly heavy, rich, and salty foods which I certainly felt by Sunday so it felt like I was starting over AGAIN.


This morning I weighed in…0.8 pounds gone! Possibly more! Not a whole lot, but considering the weekend and everything, I’m counting that as a win!

This week I’m going to step it up. I don’t have any visitors coming, so I’m going to see if I can stay on target and drop 2 pounds.

I’m in Personal Challenge mode now!


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